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Menier’s Disease? What is it?

Menier’s disease or MD as most individuals call it is a diagnosis that is both rare and something that is non-curable. This diagnosis is one that is inclusive and includes a lot of different things in the umbrella that it creates for people who are being diagnosed. Menier’s disease when diagnosed seems to some as just a ridiculous diagnoses because doctor cannot truly give an individual a definite answer as to what is causing this disease.


Menier’s is usually seen as an inner ear issue that comes in combination with vertigo, dizziness, blurred vison, and loss of hearing. These symptoms can vary from person to person and a feeling of fullness or a blocked ear, along with ringing in the ears and headaches or migraines are common effects that also come along with the disease.


MD can also vary in the severity also. For some individuals Menier’s can be mild and create little to no effect on their day to day function of life. As for others it can debilitating and cause them to not even be able to complete the most simple of tasks. Depending on the severity the DMV can decide if you qualify to keep your driver’s license or not.


There are ways to find relief from this disease though, all hope is not lost. A few ways to find relief is to be on a low sodium diet to help limit the amount of sodium that enters the body that can be one of the causes for the fluid buildup within the inner ear canal. Another way to find relief is to be put on a mild prescription diuretic so that the sodium will be released through the kidneys on a larger scale then it already is. There are also ways to handle this disease without medication, these ways are to work on conditions such as jaw alignment and spinal alignment by using dental visits, braces, and massages.

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