Forget Your New Year's Resolution

First off, I am not against a resolution made on New Year’s. That is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged. New year, new me, right?


I say forget it because a year is only 365/366 days long. Certain goals need way longer than that to be accomplished. So, after a while when it seems like this goal is not going to happen we just give up. We even give up on the goals that do not take as much time to achieve like getting healthier, being happier and drinking less, not because we do not want to, but because we have developed an attitude. An attitude that we are not meant to actually achieve our new year’s resolution.


We give up on goals and dreams that could have been achieved if we maybe did not label them as a new year’s resolution but instead as a “life resolution.”


“Character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed” - Cavett Robert.


Honestly, why wait for the new year to make a positive change in your life. Do not wait, do it now!


We should all forget our new year’s resolutions and resolve to become better versions of ourselves. No matter where we are in life right now there is always room for improvement. We should always continue to improve ourselves because we do not want to lose ourselves. What a shame it would be if the only memory we leave behind is “he/she could have been SO great if only they were ready for their opportunity.”


Be the best YOU you can be.


Thumbnail Photo By Bart Larue