Dealing with Burn Out

I am burnt out. 


That is a phrase I was hoping I would not use this semester, but lest I was wrong because I am burnt out. 


Now the problem has been identified, it has been accepted and the next step it to move on and solve it. So the question is how to recover from a burn out. 


Stop everything!


A little drastic but I’ve found that this is a decent approach. In this case everything isn’t actually everything but all the things that could relate to you stress. 


I’ve gone through phases where it seemed like I dropped from the face of the earth. Phone turned off, at a location no one knows and just doing nothing. 


Yes, I know this sounds like procrastination. In a way yes but in another way I gain back the energy to complete the work I needed done. However, I am more than open to other options that are both productive and healthy. 


The issue now is figuring out how to not get to the level of burnout. So, here are some tips that may or may not help you avoid burnout. 


  • “The best time to make friends is before you need them”

  • Sleep a lot but not too much. Sleep a reasonable amount

  • Ask for help when you’re struggling. Struggling alone doesn’t make you stronger

  • Work smarter not harder

  • Exercise every once in a while would be reasonable, and less junk food would not be the worst thing 

  • Use less time on social media because it could easily be an additional stress factor 


A burnout sucks, like a lot. The bright side is that there is hope, there is always hope. So, we should constantly remind ourselves about the importance of not losing it.