Catching Some Zzz’s When Sleeping Seems Impossible

Sleep is my own worst enemy. A lot of people have different talents like being good at math or being able to play a sport well. My special talent is that I can sleep anywhere, on the floor, leaning against a wall, in the car, on a plane, anywhere. It is extra convenient when traveling, but being able to sleep anywhere can make actual bedtime pretty difficult.


Even when I have not slept during the day, I often find myself lying awake at night until the early morning hours. I know I am not the only person with this problem, but I think the topic goes untalked about because a common response from people is always, “just go to bed earlier!” or “turn your phone off and go to bed.” If only it were that simple.


Some nights are definitely easier than others, but when things get tough I use some tricks to help me get some sleep. They do not always work, but it is better than nothing.


My first piece of advice is to turn off the laptop. Shut down your Netflix or Hulu because the distraction will keep you awake for hours. You will not be able to help but to watch a little bit of the show and the bright light will keep your body awake. You need total darkness! So turn off your laptop, your phone and invest in a blackout curtain to make sure you have the perfect sleep cave.


So what if the first tip does not work? You find yourself awake and staring at the ceiling in the dark, wondering why can I not just be asleep right now. Something else that helps me is lavender. I suggest investing in a lavender candle to light before bed. Lavender has calming properties so buying a candle or pillow spray will help calm you down and will help you fall asleep easier.


Now, what if the smells do not work either? If you are like me, you will be so frustrated at this point. Something I have recently started doing is taking Melatonin supplements an hour or so before I go to bed. These supplements definitely help. However, your body might need some time adjusting to them. They are not sleeping pills, but they help your body fall asleep naturally.


Something else you can do during the day is to avoid taking naps. These will definitely keep you from sleeping at night especially if you take one for three or so hours. Naps are great during the day, but once actual bedtime comes around, they will be half the reason why you are still up until the break of dawn.


There will be nights where you do not need any of these and there will be nights were none of these will work. Not being able to sleep is frustrating especially when you add not being able to get comfy on top of the situation. With patience and focus, plus some helpful tips, you will eventually get the much-needed sleep you have craved. Sweet dreams