Best Ways to Stay Energized This Semester

Being a college student can be physically, emotionally and mentally draining while trying to juggle coursework and classes with your social life. It is easy to get tired out quickly and sometimes we find ourselves searching for a boost of energy to help us get through the semester.


Over my past three years in college, I have discovered a few different ways to stay energized over the course of the semester to keep from so easily tiring out.


I know I sound like a mother preaching to you but take time to eat your breakfast every morning. Even if it is just an egg or a protein bar, sit down and enjoy it. Try not to think about anything else but yourself in that moment. Sometimes a morning of reflection can be very convenient and help get you energized for the day ahead.


Something I have found that really keeps me going also is practicing self-care every evening. Even if you only take fifteen minutes for the activity, the fact that you are taking care of yourself is so important. Every evening after dinner I go and put on a sweatshirt and a headband and do a ten-minute face mask or scrub regime. Little moments like that help you relax and gain mental clarity before starting to hustle with that homework due tomorrow.


My personal favorite way to keep myself energized through the semester is to simply crank up some brain-stretching music. Create a playlist of songs that really make you ready to take on the day, even if it is 8 p.m. Music has an awesome effect on you to get your blood pumping and have you ready to hustle. Personally, I recommend anything by Imagine Dragons.


Stressing out as a college student is a normal thing and it will happen, but I hope these exercises will help you be a little more energized and readier to work with a clear head and an eager heart.