What To Eat For How You Feel

Our bodies function directly off of what we put into them, so the choices we make on what we should eat for a snack can help or hurt our bodies more than we may think about. By picking the right foods, you can help avoid or cure any emotional, mental, or physical issues you may be battling. Here are some easily accessible cures for common illnesses.

1. Stomach Ache

Bananas are a great food to eat when you have a stomach ache because they hold necessary sugar for when you aren't eating enough calories without making you feel naseous from sweetness. 

2. Depression

Turkey has high levels of tryptophan, a chemical that stimulates serotonin production. A vegan alternative is any dark, leafy, green vegetable. These vegetables fight inflammation, an issue linked with severe depression when occuring in the brain. 

3. Headaches

Basil is a muscle relaxant, so it helps relieve headaches that are caused by tension. 

4. Energy

Almonds contain B vitamins and magnesium, both used in converting food to energy. Low vitamin B levels are connected directly with fatigue. 

5. Constipation

Beans and berries are both loaded in fiber. Constipation is likely due to low levels of fiber, and eating large quantities of these foods will help pack in the fiber without upsetting your stomach.