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Skin care is an important and crucial routine for everyone! Now that fall is approaching and the temperature is dropping, it’s a great time to start investing in some lotion to avoid dry, cracked hands. If you’re someone that deals with dry and sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find unscented and all natural skin products. Often times, regular scented lotions just won’t cut it (even though they smell great). Palmer’s has the solution to those problems! Palmer’s offers a variety of products for everyone! Whether you’re looking for skin products, moisturizers, or even hair conditioners, Palmer’s has it all, and it’s all natural! I myself have tried all the products and am very satisfied with the results. As someone that has eczema and dry skin, these products were perfect for me! Here is my review of four Palmer’s products:

Daily Skin Therapy

When I first opened this product, it smelled amazing! It has a very sweet and pleasant frosting-like scent. Other than the fact that it has a great warm scent, it made my skin feel great! It immediately made my skin less irritated and softer. It is made with coconut oil, which in my opinion, is one of the best natural oils! It immediately relieves eczema and has no harmful chemicals. It also helps lighten skin marks and blemishes.

Firming Lotion

Next we have the Palmer’s Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion! This lotion also has a great smell, almost like a fruity yogurt. I think this is one of the coolest products because it combines both the body lotion and skin therapy’s effects. This lotion doesn’t irritate the skin and has a cooling effect! It leaves your skin feeling firm and smooth. Not only that, but it’s full of natural ingredients like seaweed, coconut oil, almond oil, and caffeine.


Body Lotion

This all natural soothing lotion comes in a cute little bottle! It’s a perfect product to carry around in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. This lotion is good for daily use and leaves your skin soft too! It has all natural ingredients and contain no dyes, gluten, or other harsh chemicals.

Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

This hair conditioner was definitely great for my hair! I love trying out different conditioners and this one definitely left my hair smooth and soft. Unlike the regular conditioner, I typically use, this one has natural ingredients. It also leaves your hair smelling amazing.

Overall, I loved using these Palmer’s products and highly recommend them to anyone looking for all natural products!

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