Prepare for Chicago's Annual 5K Hot Chocolate Run

It is very important to prepare your body before completing a big race. Now that Chicago's annual 5k is coming up, here are 5 essential ways to prepare for the Hot Chocolate Run. 


Training your body both mentally and physically is essential. With two weeks left, a great way to train your body is by jogging about three times a week. Once you're used to jogging, you could start increasing your speed and distance. It's also important to mentally prepare yourself by having a positive mindset going into the race. You need to convince yourself that you can do it and will finish the race!

Rest Up

It is crucial that you are well-rested before a race. This means that you should make sure your body has a few days to recover before running long distances. Make sure you do not run on the weekend before the race because your legs need time to be fully recovered and ready to run. Also, make sure to get a full eight hours of sleep, so you don't feel weak during the race.

Eat Well

The night before the race, you should load up on carbs. Carb-filled foods provide you with essential energy that allows you to keep running for a long time. You should consider eating tomato-based pastas, but avoid cheesy pastas because they're full of butter. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water a few days before the race is very important. On the day of the race, make sure to bring a large water bottle. However, it's important that you do not drink too much water between breaks or while you're running. The best way is to take small sips of water rather than guzzling it down.

Wear Layers

We all know Chicago's weather is unpredictable. With the sudden temperature drops, we can predict that temperatures will be pretty low on the day of the race. Make sure to wear two to three layers (a light long-sleeved shirt with a crew neck for example). Wearing layers is a smart idea because if your body begins to overheat, you can easily take one layer off.