The Poetic Corner: Brevity

Contemplations of Years Past 

This past year, I’ve learned that things are fleeting—interests, school, hobbies, people, you and I

Things disappear as quickly as they settle, vanishing into the outskirts of places beyond my immediate self

And, of course, there are such losses we hope to avoid, hope to mitigate, hope to mollify

But, ones that we must eventually accept.


I’ve learned that momentary exhilarations are followed by consequent loss.

In one moment, there is. And in the next, there isn’t. And all that remains is longing and desire.

And, so forth, the translation of eternity is steadily lost because things simply cease to exist.

And what is not innately yours will fall from your fingertips with the grace and speed of falling stars.


But, amongst the loss, I’ve also learned that what is yours will always be yours.

And, although these small constants are rare and far between, they are freely given

And prescribed to you, and ONLY to you 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Courtesy of Pinterest