How I lost 45lbs in 6 Months!

Taking care of my health is one of the best decisions I've made in life. As an African American woman, I want to break the cultural-pathological lifestyle of unhealthy practices within black communities. Here's how I lost 45lbs in 6 months!

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Create A Vision Board

    1. Go to the dollar store and purchase a wood board, stickers, coloring utensils, and sticky notes.

    2. The purpose of a vision board is to physically see your health journey. Ask yourself these questions: where’s my health? Where do I want to be? Why do I want to do this weight loss? How can I do this?

    3. Don’t include pictures of celebrities because it’s tempting to compare yourselves to others.

  2. Set SMART Goals

    1. Smart goals help you understand how you’re going to lose weight. Therefore, you should create realistic goals that are achievable based on your capability.

    2. For example, my goal overall was to lose 40lbs! However, I realized that having a large number made it difficult to focus on my journey overall. Therefore, I made small, SMART, monthly goals, so I wouldn’t panic. 

    3. Example:  My goal was to lose 5-10lbs each month, to stay on track.  I achieved this by eating two servings of vegetables in order to make sure I went to the bathroom. I also exercised 4 times a week and consumed a gallon of water each day. white letter board on a window sill Photo by Mika Baumeister from Unsplash

  3. Have Faith

    1. Whatever your belief systems are, make sure you believe in it. It’s easier to depend on the media for resources, but it’s better to rely on yourself and religious beliefs. 

    2. As a Christian, I’ve been praying more and meditating. I’ve also been eliminating negative people from life because that type of energy disturbs my peace. 

  4. Change Eating Habits

    1. I love food, but 90% of weight gain is caused by poor nutritional habits. Take a sheet of paper and on one side, write down the healthy foods you eat. On the other side, write down the unhealthy things you eat. If there’s a balance between the sides, you’re in good shape, but if not, you have to fix your list.

    2. Create weekly grocery lists, categorizing what you need to purchase at the store: veggies, fruit, produce, dairy, etc.

    3. Meal prepping your meals allows you to eat your food in moderation. assorted fruit breakfast with toast Jannis Brandt/Unsplash

  5. Exercise

    1. Our bodies are like printers: what goes in, must come out! Sometimes food sits inside our stomachs for a little too long, causing indigestion, abdominal pain, and bloating. Hence, establishing proper exercise routines can help you burn the calories you eat.

    2. I met my trainer in one of my fall 2019 courses, so I did workouts according to the plan she set me up with. I like to mix up my workouts by doing dances, jump rope, yoga, etc. woman sweating and stretching Photo by Avi Richards from Unsplash

  6. Take Care of Your Mental Health

    1. In a 2016 Healthline study, nearly 40% of college students face at least 1 mental disease. Most of these diagnoses stem from personal issues, peer pressure, sudden death, and school.

    2. I was in a pledging process for an organization, but I didn’t feel like myself. I felt sad and unwanted. Consequently, I dismissed myself from the organization. 

  7. Organize Lists/Schedules

    1. Create a schedule to keep track of when you want to eat your meals. I like to stop eating at 7:00 pm every night to start my fasting.

    2. Since you’re a busy college student, you should create schedules to block out time for grocery shopping, exercising, etc. Journaling Photo by My Life Journal from Unsplash

  8. Research

    1. Before you start doing crazy diets and exercise routines, it’s crucial for you to do research. Everyone’s body is different. What may work for you, may not work for others.

    2. For example, I looked at the documentary called, “What the Health”, on Netflix to learn about veganism. Then, I read some articles and talked to my personal trainer about these diets. 

  9. Check Weight Frequently

    1. I like to weigh myself at the beginning and end of each week because of weight fluctuations.  As soon as we eat and drink, our weight goes up, but eventually goes back down.

    2. Download weight-tracking apps, or create one on a Google Sheet.

  10. Compliment Yourself

    1. Losing weight isn’t easy because you have to take risks, which includes reprogramming your mind on the way you view food and exercise. But that doesn’t mean you should focus on the pounds! Compare your previous eating habits to now, so you can see how much you’ve changed. 

    2. Accept compliments from others.  :)

    3. Remember that weight loss is a journey, not a destination. So think of everything as a turnaround. Think of everything as a substitution instead of an elimination.


Stores to Buy Healthy Food:

  1. Aldi

  2. Trader Joe's

  3. Walmart

  4. La Casa Del Pueblo

  5. Foods 4 Less

  6. Dollar Tree

  7. Whole Foods

  8. Pete’s Fresh Market

  9. Mariano’s

  10. Kroger’s


Grocery Shopping Tips:

  1. Take pictures of the items you’re interested in, and show them to someone who works at the store.

  2. Skim through catalogs and circle what you want to buy.

  3. Make grocery lists.

  4. Call the store and ask if they have your products in stock.

  5. Stack up on beans, rice, and canned goods.

  6. Eat enough to get energy, not to get full.


Workout Tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workouts.

  2. Always stretch before and after your workouts.

  3. Maintain good hygiene.

  4. Make sure you eat something 2hrs before your workout, so your blood sugar level is normal (to prevent dizziness).

  5. Switch up your workouts and try new things.

  6. Remember that the body works as a whole. Don’t just focus on getting a bigger butt or a slimmer waist. Do workouts that target all parts of the body.