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Feeling Stressed? Find A New Hobby!

This far into the semester can be very chaotic and can cause a lot of stress. To avoid crashing, keep yourself in good spirits by finding a new hobby! Studies show that hobbies have several health benefits including lower blood pressure and less memory loss. If you find a new thing to do it will help you feel better to do better, on your upcoming finals! Here are some popular stress reducing hobbies:

1. Journaling

Can you believe that expressing yourself can actually calm you down? (All sarcasm intended) By writing down your experiences or emotions, you sift through your thoughts in a healthy way. If you’re stressed about something journaling is a sure way to make yourself feel better. Just grab a notebook and write down what your day was like. Once you finish your journal entry, you’re guaranteed to feel like a weight was lifted off of your shoulders. 


2. Reading

You wouldn’t believe how many people I come across who say they don’t like reading! A good book’s narrative can provide you a temporary distraction from your real-life troubles.

3. Coloring/painting

Ever heard of adult coloring books? Their coloring books for us big kids, they just have less cartoon characters. Similarly to the last to items on the list, coloring and relax you by giving you something to put your energy into. It will also get your mind off of how stressed you were about your last statistics test. If you paint you will get even more chance to channel your creativity.  


4. Cooking

Learning new recipes are exciting for anyone. Whether it’s baking a cake or learning how to make lasagna from scratch, it will be enjoyable. Not to mention the food will also brighten up your mood.

5. Yoga

By doing yoga you get in touch with your body and learn the benefits of meditation. You get to be calm and really relax and think. On top of that, you strengthen your body and get in better shape. 

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