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Club Spotlight: UIC CHAARG

Her Campus UIC had the privilege of speaking with Kim Lazzara, the CHAARG Ambassador at UIC. Club Spotlight is a new profile series, at Her Campus UIC, aimed to collaborate with and to promote other student organizations on campus.

Photo Courtesy of UIC CHAARG

HC: Tell me more about CHAARG and what your organization does.

KL: CHAARG aims to ignite a passion for health + fitness in college women. Too many women are intimidated by the gym or just stick to the elliptical. We are here to show college women that fitness can [+ should!] be fun! We organize opportunities for girls to try different workouts around Chicago to help girls find their fit. Given these opportunities, while being surrounded by hundreds of girls physically, and thousands of girls from other chapters virtually through their _inCHAARG Instagram gives girls motivation to become their happiest + healthiest self!

HC: What is the Sample Studio Spotlight, and how often does CHAARG run the Sample Studio Spotlight sessions?

KL: My Event Coordinators organize Studio Spotlights each week by inviting an instructor to come to our Rec Center or bringing us to various studios around Chicago. These occur every Wednesday from either 4-5 or 5-6 — each week, members will register for whichever session they prefer. Previous Studio Spotlights that we have done include Soulcycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, TITLE Boxing, CorePower Yoga, Pole Dancing with Stiletto Dance Studio, SurfSet, + many others! Our most recent Studio Spotlight was our Sample Studio Spotlight. Each semester, we have a Sample Studio Spotlight which is an open Studio Spotlight for girls to come try out CHAARG + see if they would like to join! This semester, we had Brittany Purdom come to UIC to instruct a POUND class. Studio Spotlights are included in your semesterly membership!

Photo Courtesy of UIC CHAARG

HC: How can members go about joining?

KL: Joining CHAARG is so easy! Go to chaarg.com, go to “Chapters,” find the University of Illinois at Chicago [or whichever university you attend!], + buy your membership!

HC: How often does your group meet on campus or off campus?

KL: Members meet for our Studio Spotlights on Wednesdays, during their chosen Small Group time, + during any additional socials/bonus events that we have! A Small Group is just what it sounds like — a small group of girls that meet up at the same day/time each week to either go to the rec, take a class, go for a run, or just hangout + get a smoothie! It’s a great way to get to know girls on a more personal level. We’ve had many social events such as Thanksgiving potlucks, Christmas parties, movie nights, brunches, as well as our Spring Retreat + Winter Formal! Nothing in CHAARG is mandatory, so come to whatever you would like to attend!!

HC: Kim, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to speak with me about CHAARG and for inviting Her Campus to the Sample Studio Spotlight. We really appreciate it, the girls enjoyed their workout, and we are looking forward to more collaborations!

Photo Courtesy of UIC CHAARG featuring Her Campus UIC at their Sample Studio Spotlight

UIC Collegiettes, if you are looking to start your New Year’s Resolutions, want a workout buddy, or want to stay happy and healthy, then definitely give CHAARG a try! 

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