7 Ways To Self-Care In Trump's America

It’s a scary time to be apart of a minority group (anyone aside from white straight males, honestly). As a woman of color, I am afraid of what this new administration will bring and how it will impact my health, mentally and physically. But it’s necessary to take some time to love yourself. Here are some ways to start.

1. Listen to music

I know it can be tempting to listen to sad music when you’re sad, but music can enhance your mood. Take this time to listen to music that makes you happy or brings back great memories.

2. Watch TV

I would suggest not watching something sad or dramatic (especially not Black Mirror). I love watching things that make me laugh and smile. My go-to is The Office.

3. Read a book

Reading can help you escape from the world. I’ve been trying to read more books authored by people of color and women. It’s a refreshing viewpoint.

4. Go out with friends

I know it’s tempting to just stay in and wallow, but going out with your friends will help you and them. We can’t get through this alone.

5. Call someone

Call your person. Call your mom. Moms make everything better.

6. Volunteer

Use your time to make a difference in someone’s life. Research some local volunteer opportunities. It will help someone and you will feel good after!

7. Write, draw, do something creative

Don’t let your emotions build in you. Release them in a creative way. Writing poetry has helped me significantly.