Smokey Eyes using Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette!

Step 1:
Take the color Strange and apply it all over your eyelid as the base.
Step 2:
Mix the colors Nooner and Buzz together and apply it along your crease. 
Step 3:
Using the color Factory, apply along the outer corners of your eye and blend in with the crease making sure to place the majority of the product on the corners for an ombré effect. 
Step 4:

Take the color Blackheart and create a line, kind of like eyeliner, along the outer corner and blend towards your lid. This darker color will only be placed on half your eyelid like so. You only need a little of this color because it comes on strong!

Step 5:
Taking the same color Blackheart, place shadow right underneath your lower lash line. 
Step 6:
Use your highlighter, I'm using my new Laura Mercier's Highlighting Powder, and place product on the inner corners of your eyes blending a little onto your lids and also underneath your eyebrow arch!
Step 7:
If you're feeling risky, apply your winged eyeliner!
Step 8:
If your lashes aren't naturally long like mine, add some false lashes. Apply mascara on both your top and bottom lashes! 
And voila! That's how you get a bold smokey eye using your Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!