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6 Ways COOGS Can Prepare for the Semester

1. Buy Red. Lots of Red.

Red is the color at the University of Houston. You don’t want to be left out when the entire campus is decked out in red on Cougar Red Fridays.



2. Memorize the Fight Song

UH has many chants that are sung throughout football games but the UH Fight Song is the most popular. Learn it. Live it. Love it. You can find the music and the lyrics here.



3. Figure Out How to Navigate Campus

UH is huge. I had to use the GPS on my phone to find the building. You’re out of breath (because you probably ran) and praying you put on enough deodorant that morning. Everyone is staring at you and the professor is giving you that look. Don’t be that person.



4. Purchase Textbooks ASAP

Everyone else will be waiting in long lines and dueling with rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets the last 13th edition of Shakespeare: The Modern Tragedy, while you’ll already have your books or simply returning those that aren’t needed.



5. Connect With Your Roommate

This is the person that you’re going to be sharing a shoebox with for the next ten months! Get to know their likes and dislikes. Figure out your house rules so you are both on the same page regarding hanging out with friends in the dorm, sharing food/clothes, and cleanliness.



6. Your Cougar Card is Your Lifeline

I cannot stress how important your Cougar Card is at UH. It is your cash for food, your ticket into games and the key to get into your room. You can almost consider it your college-issued social security card. Lose it and your life gets put on hold until you get another one.


Jacqueline is a senior at University of Houston double majoring in Accounting & Management Information Systems. She is a bookworm and enjoys paintball and laser tag. When she’s not studying, she likes cheering on her fellow Coogs at games as well as spiking down unworthy opponents in friendly games of volleyball at the Rec.
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