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Skincare Tools to Make You Love Skincare

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Do you consistently carry out your skincare routine with no problem? Do you always remember to take off your makeup before bed after a night out? Do you find it to be a simple task to keep up with skin hygiene? If you answered yes to these questions, this article is probably not for you (though you’ll still enjoy these products!). These are my favorite skin care products for “lazy” people. I have never been consistent with my skincare routine and found myself often breaking out until I started incorporating fun (and cheap!) tools to make my routine more appealing. These products made me fall in love with skincare, and made my routine something to look forward to! These tools are absolutely not required to maintain a good skincare routine, but I have found them to be fun to incorporate, motivating me to stick with my routine. 


This product is super simple to use and has actually had great outcomes for me! Simply fill the mold with water, freeze it, and roll it over your face in the mornings or nights! Using ice on your face has been shown to help with undereye bags and wrinkles, and helps tighten and tone your face. There are lots of combinations you can put in this mold, including lemons, limes, cucumber, oranges, and honey, but personally, I like to mix equal parts aloe vera and water in a blender, then add it to the mold to freeze. This not only gives the ice effect but also helps to moisturize your face. I swear my skin became three times clearer after using this for 3 weeks! @Glowcubeofficial on Instagram has a ton of recipes to put in your ice roller mold!

Here is a video showing more about an ice roller!

Facial Roller

A facial roller is another great tool to add some fun to your routine. They also make them in so many types of stones (I have one in jade, rose quartz, and amethyst)! I use these to roll serums into my face. This helps reduce the amount of serum needed per use, as a roller won’t absorb any of the serum like your hands and fingers would, making this tool another great way to save money on serums! Facial rollers can also help to reduce wrinkles and puffiness in the face, but I also just find it relaxing and massaging to roll over your skin. Disclaimer: Always use some type of serum or moisturizer when using a roller!  Rolling over bare, dry skin can cause too much pulling at your skin and irritate it further; the roller should easily glide over your face.

scrunchie headbands

Okay, so these have no real function other than keeping your hair out of your face while doing your skincare routine (something that a claw clip or hair tie can also achieve) but I feel like a beauty vlogger when I use these. Seriously, it just makes the whole routine more appealing and fun, and these things are cute and cheap! I have curtain bangs so I also find these to be more useful in keeping my hair out of the way while doing a face mask or a cleanser. These are also great for keeping any loose hairs out of the way while doing your makeup. Skincare scrunchies are super cheap online or in beauty supply stores, but you can also easily DIY them to add your own flair.

Silicone Mask Applicators

Another product that is absolutely not necessary to achieve a great skincare routine, but does make the process more fun and go more smoothly. These, like the facial roller, help to reduce the amount of a facial mask you are using each time, as the applicator won’t absorb any of the masks that you are using. It also helps reduce mess, as you won’t have product all over your hands and fingers by the end of the process. These also help to make the product more appealing and fun. They can make you feel like a skincare professional, yet are cheap and can be found almost anywhere!

Gua Sha Stone

I don’t remember what platform I first saw these on, but I do remember immediately thinking “I need this right now.” Gua Sha refers to an ancient Chinese healing technique. It involves scraping a small stone across your skin to improve circulation. Many people swear by Gua Sha to sculpt and tone the face (think define jaw and cheekbones), and others use it for more traditional health benefits, such as improved circulation can help with sinus issues. I use my Gua Sha to not only tone my face, but to relax. It quite literally feels like a massage for my face and is simple enough that I can do it while scrolling on Tik Tok. Disclaimer: do not use a Gua Sha stone on dry bare skin, as the scraping and pulling can cause irritation. Here is a link to a video showing one technique to using Gua Sha! 

exfoliating gloves

These exfoliating gloves are so cheap and can be bought literally anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Your local drugstore, Walmart, local grocery stores, beauty supply stores, or online. These are great for exfoliating the face or any part of the body, diminishing blackheads and any built-up gunk that may have accumulated throughout the day. They make it super easy to really scrub in any place on your face, including the corners of your nose (I neglected to exfoliate this area properly until I found these). I also love to use these to exfoliate all over in the shower prior to shaving! Yet again, these are tools to make the process more appealing and efficient, as just rubbing a cleanser or exfoliator in with your hands just isn’t the same. 

Again, none of these tools are required to create and maintain the perfect skincare routine. That requires a lot of trial and error, but these tools made skincare more fun and bearable for me. Skincare and hygiene shouldn’t have to feel like a chore!

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