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Poo-Pourri is a bathroom scent freshener that’s sprayed directly into the toilet bowl prior to using the restroom. Poo-pouri is advertised to do a better job of masking the usual odor that arrises after someone has releived him/herself. Although Poo-Pourri appears to be the best thing any bathroom user can ask for, it does come with some pros and cons. Here are the top five pros and cons to consider before you purchase your own bottle of Poo-Pourri.

Pros of Poo-Pourri

1. Back-up. Not everyone has aerosol and matches for their guests’ disposal. Poo-Pourri assures that regardless of what may be in a restroom, a person will always have exactly what they need.

2. Good Air Freshener Alternative. This is a great aerosol replacement in general. Overall, aerosols can be messy and often leave a sticky residue around the bathroom. Poo-Pourri has a strong enough scent that even if you weren’t to use the restroom at all, simply spraying it in the toilet will leave the bathroom smelling fresher than it originally was.

3. Peace of mind. Poo-Pourri does give piece of mind, especially for those who are self conscious about using public restrooms. It isn’t the most pleasant thing to do, but everyone does it, and it’s best to be prepared.

4. Portable. No one carries around cans of air freshener just in case they need to use the restroom. Poo-Pourri is small and discrete enough to carry in a purse or a small bag.

5. Public Service. Often times the smell in public bathrooms can be extremely overwhelming and especially difficult to withstand for even the shortest period of time. Poo-Pourri does allow for you to freshen the pungent stall you just stepped into and allows you to leave a well-smelling stall for the woman who will come after you.

Cons of Poo-Pourri

1. The Smell. It may smell better than poop, but it smells like cleaning products. The purpose of the product is to hide the fact that you’re pooing, but when you use it, the other people in the bathroom will think you’re cleaning the toilet.

2. The Price. This product is expensive. It’s the only product on the market that works as a poo-barrier, so I guess its price is high because of this. The 2-ounce bottle is nearly $10, whereas a standard 10-ounce air freshener, depending on the brand, will be around $4.

3. Indiscreet. It’s still obvious that you pooped. If a stall smells like lemons and citrus immediately after you leave, others will know you’re trying to cover up the smell of your excrements.

4. Inconvenient. You must carry a bottle of this product with you each time you go to the bathroom, unless you leave it out in the open at your own place. In communal bathrooms in college. However, you have to bring your purse or wear pants with large pockets to the bathroom to hide the product.

5. Perpetuates Negative Beliefs. This product furthers the belief that women don’t poop or shouldn’t have smelly poops. Though they do have Poo-Pourri designed for men, they mainly advertise for women. Easily-influenced girls and boys may see this product and believe that they should hide their poops. This is wrong; people need to be proud of their poop.


Cover Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

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