Midterms As Told By One Tree Hill

It’s midterm season yet again, and we understand the struggle of the semester hitting you all at once. To take you away from the stressful studying time, here are some One Tree Hill GIFs that will make you say “OMG, so relatable!”

When it’s the morning of the day in which you have 5,728 midterm exams:

Your roommates know better than to talk to you before your 7th cup of coffee.

When you pass your friend in the Tate Center and they ask if you’re doing okay:

It's fine, I'm fine, everything is fine...

That feeling when you have to face the exam that’s worth 50% of your grade, and you’ve barely studied for it:

"It's just too little too late..."

Once you realize the very first question is crazy difficult, so you’re sitting there looking at the rest of the test like:

Is my degree reeeeally worth it?

You desperately stare at the professor during the test with the most pleading, Bambi-like eyes:

For me? Just this once?

Meanwhile, your professor is like:

"Why don't you students know every little bit of information about the subject I am an expert in?!"

Sometimes the stress of midterms gets to be a little too much, so you’re sitting there in Snelling like:

Now I see what the term "Freshman-15" means.

…And at 2am when you’re cramming in the entire first half of the semester and all you can think about is:

Or coffee. Just lots of caffeine in general, please.

When your friends have always had your back during stressful times like these:

I knew I could always count on them! <3

…Then they decide to mention the result of your stress eating.

Friend: "You cannot have cupcakes for dinner." Me: "Listen, Linda."

When you smell fresh-brewed coffee from your Keurig first thing in the morning:

PTL! The Holy Spirit is reading my mind!

That moment when every exam, project, and school-related activity hits you at once:

Okay, again, is my degree reeeeeeeally worth it?

When your friends invite you DT knowing good and well you have 4 exams the next morning…

How dare you! *cries into 19th cup of coffee*

…But it’s not your fault that you’re the last of your friend group to be finished with midterms.

I'll see you guys at the finish line.

That feeling immediately after the very last midterm exam:

+ sleep for the next 20 hours!

When you think you did fairly well on the exam, then your professor posts your grade into eLC:

YES!-- aww, no... come on.

Then you remember you have a whOLE SECOND HALF OF A SEMESTER TO GO…

An even scarier nightmare than midterm week? Finals week!

Push through the stress of midterms, gals! Nathan Scott believes in you.


All GIFs courtesy of GIPHY.