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If you're like me, you know that the phrase "finals season" instantly makes your blood pressure skyrocket and your heart rate get dangerously high. I used to make myself sick worrying over finals (and if I'm being honest, sometimes it still gets the better of me), but over the last few years, I've come up with three ways to destress before finals that might help you insert some self-care into your night-before-exam jitters.


Reading is simple way to forget about the stress of my finals and also give me something easy to read after grinding through a textbook all day. It helps me get lost in another world, even for just an hour or two. When studying, try alternating between textbook and novel by reading a chapter of one and then switching to a chapter of the other!


Yoga has become one of my favorite hobbies during the pandemic. It helps keep me strong while also teaching me how to practice mindfulness and listen to my body. Try doing 15-30 minutes of practice (restorative or power, whatever your preference is) in the morning before you start your day or at night before going to sleep! 


Knitting isn't just for your grandmother! It's my newest favorite hobby (I just started in January), and I love to get into a rhythm while watching a show or listening to music. Try looking up some YouTube tutorials and giving it a shot!

No matter what you're favorite way to relax and rewind is, make sure that you set some time aside for it this finals season. A car can't run on an empty fuel tank, and neither can you!

Presley is a senior at the University of Georgia and one of the Campus Correspondents for her Her Campus chapter. She is pursuing a double major in criminal justice and psychology, as well as a minor in Italian, and she hopes to attend law school after graduation. She plans to someday become a criminal prosecutor. When she's not binge-watching Law and Order, she's studying languages, literature, or music.
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