Why 5 HC UFL Members Chose UF

It’s that exciting and nerve-wracking time of the year when college decisions are begin to flood the inboxes — and minds — of thousands of students in every corner of the nation and world. If you’re someone who has been accepted to different universities, this might be a really hard decision. Personally, it was very easy for me to choose the University of Florida because of its great pre-health and biology curriculum. (The fact that the school also has actual sculptures of french fries and a potato sealed the deal for me.)

If you have a UF acceptance letter in your hand (like I did a couple of years ago!) and are pondering the question “Why UF?” — you’re not alone. A lot of us here at HC UFL were in your shoes not long ago. Read on to hear why HC UFL staff members chose to spend their college years living and learning in the land of orange and blue.

Q: Why did you choose UF?

Leah Antovel

Year: 3rd year

Major/Minor: Public Relations

A: “I chose UF because I’m from NY and I was looking for an out-of-state university with an amazing PR program. My top school in Connecticut gave me a scholarship, but it was still cheaper to go out of state to UF (my top school was private). I also have a cousin that goes to UF. UF It also had the name recognition and the warm weather, of course.

Cassidy Hopson

Year: 2nd year

Major/Minor: Journalism

A: “I was initially interested in UF because my family are all really big Gator fans, I am the first in my family to attend the school, however. I also knew early on in high school that I wanted to major in journalism, and UF also happens to have one of the best journalism programs in the country. Finally, the location of UF was perfect for me. It’s far enough from home to feel independent but not too far away where I couldn’t go home on the weekends if I wanted to.”

Cayela Cuevas

Year: 3rd year

Major/Minor: Journalism/Costume Design

A: “I chose UF because I attended the College of Journalism and Communications Summer Media Institute as a junior in high school. While attending, I realized that the faculty, staff and curriculum were a match made in heaven for [my career goals and me]. I was totally sold on UF. Even though I don’t like being so far from home, I’m grateful that I decided to be a Gator.”

Rachel Kutcher

Year: 2ndYear

Major/Minor: Journalism

A: “I actually chose UF because both of my parents went here and growing up they would always bring [my brother and I] up to visit, so basically I’ve been a Gator since birth. But, I love it here. I like that even though it is a large campus, it still feels small and everyone is very nice and welcoming. The campus is beautiful, and you can find things to do or places to hang out no matter your interests. I would say it definitely fit, if not, exceeded my expectations.”

Hannah Rose

Year: 1st year

Major/Minor: Business Administration with a concentration in Event Management

A: “I chose UF because I went to a small high school in NY with very little diversity clubs. I wanted a school that had people from all walks of life and many different opportunities. I also had absolutely no clue what I wanted, [but] a school that had a great program for anything I would be interested in.”

All of us come from different backgrounds, and it’s important to choose a university that makes us feel both comfortable and challenges us academically. UF has a *lot* to offer — so if you decide to become a Gator, just know, you won’t be disappointed.

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