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Spring Break and Body Confidence


It’s starting to seem like every month of the year has some sort of challenge for us collegiettes. In January, we were freaking out about our New Year’s Eve kiss, and then Valentine’s Day came in February. Now, March has arrived and it has brought an especially difficult test: Spring Break. Although many look forward to endless hours of worry-free basking in the sun at the beach with friends (don’t get me wrong, I do too), some of us are a tad anxious about it.

Let’s face it: the thought of spending a straight week in a bikini is a bit intimidating no matter how confident you may be. You’re constantly being “checked out,” whether it’s by the cute frat boy playing football or the creepy old man in a Speedo. We’ve all doubted ourselves at some point with thoughts like, “Should I be sucking it in right now?” or “Does this bathing suit make me look too flat-chested?”

Here are a couple things to remember this Spring Break:

No one is perfect 
Growing up in this decade has definitely been a challenge. Although we have all been blessed with heartthrob celebrities like the Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber, there have also been women who set the bar for body image a bit too high. From Beyoncé’s killer booty to Megan Fox’s sculpted abs, society in this day and age has placed too much emphasis on the definition of a “good body.” The truth is: these shoes are hard to fill, and it’s making some girls completely lose their self-confidence.

Everyone always says it, but it’s important to realize no one is perfect, and everyone’s body is different. Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you don’t look like one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Just because they go on an all-liquid diet the week before their big fashion show doesn’t mean you should do the same before Spring Break. And honestly, a week without food sounds awful and is totally not worth it. No cookies or popcorn or Ramen noodles for seven days? Not exactly my cup of tea.

Love your body 
Instead of starving yourself in order to fit society’s Barbie-like mold for “perfection,” try embracing and loving your body for what it is. It’s a part of you, so you might as well accept it. If there’s something you don’t like about it, then you can hit the gym and try to change it. But since Spring Break has already arrived, don’t stress about that extra cushion you’ve got. If you think some guy on the beach is criticizing your body, then he’s obviously not worth your time. My No. 1 tip for beach body confidence? Don’t postpone that seemingly dreadful moment when you have to take off your cover-up. Doing so just gives you more time to think about your insecurities and compare yourself to everyone around you. Shed that cover-up and shed your inhibitions.

In the famous words of our dearest Hannah Montana, the words that I live by are: “Nobody perfect. I gotta work it.” So go ahead and buy that itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini and rock it. Find your confidence from within, and let it show. Good luck, and happy Spring Break, collegiettes! 

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Victoria is a junior journalism major at the University of Florida. As a writer for Her Campus, she enjoyed writing about fashion and giving advice to readers. She is currently a senior editor of Her Campus UFL and is in training to become the chapter's next Campus Correspondent. Outside of class and Her Campus, you can find Victoria scoping out cute boys with friends, longboarding around campus, or hanging out with her Alpha Omicron Pi sisters. She enjoys traveling to new cities, spending time outside, drinking toffee nut iced coffees, shopping, trying new types of food and working for Her Campus!
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