Opinion: Kim Kardashian West Knows How to Celebrate Women

If there is one thing about Kim Kardashian West that we can all agree on, it’s the fact that she is not ashamed of her body. Between her plethora of nearly nude campaigns and her skintight couture magazine spreads, Kim is anything but shy about body celebration. It’s something that her fans love about her. Being outspoken about self-confidence is rare, and now, she has taken a bigger step in celebrating other body types with the launch of her two newest perfume scents.

The reality-star-turned-business-mogul released a series with the hashtag #KKWBody. The photos included pictures of fully nude women. Each picture captures a different body: different shapes, different sizes, different races and even some stretch marks. This comes after criticism of the celebrity’s first campaign in the perfume world. Kim had her naked body molded and cast so that it would serve as the shape of her perfume bottle. The advertising to promote her scent exclusively contained dozens of pictures of Kim’s body either completely nude or in some sort of mold for the casting process. She’s received some backlash as people have called her out for sexualizing her body for the sake of selling a product. However, these new sets of photos spark a different message.

The beauty queen’s fans responded to the series with delight. Some commented their love for the photos and agreed with Kim’s message that every body shape is beautiful in its own way.

This marketing strategy isn’t new to the game. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of championing positive body images. For example, Dove’s Self-Esteem Project has been trying to teach young women the importance of body confidence for over 10 years. Dove even has its own hashtag, #GirlCollective, that is intended to inspire and challenge beauty stereotypes for women and girls. It’s no secret that the altered pictures online or in beauty magazines have a tendency to cripple young women’s self-esteem, so efforts like these are great ways to combat the negativity.

Dove’s mission is fantastic, but the reality is that Dove doesn’t have the star-studded power that can reach millions of people so quickly. With one click, Kim Kardashian West sends her tweets out to her some 59 million Twitter followers. With a readily available audience and fanbase, Kim’s photos have a larger, quicker impact compared to other marketing campaigns of the past. When it comes to Kim Kardashian West or any of her sisters, their fans are nothing short of loyal and committed. So, without much effort, Kim can make a statement, and thousands, if not millions, get the message within seconds.

This is a page straight out of her sister’s book. A few years ago, Khloe used her Instagram to reveal her Good American brand. The brand, much like Kim’s perfume advertisement, is built on the idea that clothes and beauty should be more inclusive. Good American has even recently announced an open casting call for models to show off the newest season of jeans, which opens a new avenue for women who do not fit the traditional model type.

Considering the social media-driven age we live in, it’s important to use outlets like Instagram and Twitter for social good. And that’s exactly what Kim is doing. Although she has had her ups and downs, from posting how much she weighed online to countless Photoshopped pictures, Kim is trying to expand positive body image beyond herself. That’s something we can all get behind.  It is one thing to have self-confidence, but it takes another level of confidence to try to share the love.