Nipple Piercings, Self-Expression and Loving Your Body

If you’ve ever had the experience of pushing surgical metal through your body, it’s probably been through your belly button; most women give it the go-ahead during their college years. It’s the most common piercing for women everywhere, but what’s happening in recent years as women become more socially and politically liberal? Piercings (and tattoos, for that matter) have always been a symbol of righteous self-expression as opposed to simply wearing clothing and classic jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets) for confidence and beauty ritual. Using surgical tools to promote self-expression doesn’t sit with everyone, so they don’t do it. However, that doesn’t mean plenty of women out there don’t want to try it. Self-expression in 2017 is as progressive as ever with the recent women’s marches, trans awareness, feminist artists and more.

In celebration of Love Your Body Day, I want to talk about the nipple piercing in all her glory. What you may think is ugly, painful, gross or downright weird could be better than you think. At the end of the day, we do as we please because we love who we are, and these personalities could very well be based on our confidence. Here are some common curiosities about nipple piercings and the people who get them.

Does it hurt?

Did a needle go through two of my erogenous zones? Of course it hurts, just like every other piercing. If the pain is not worth the product, then this piercing probably isn’t for you. I believe everyone should be comfortable with their body and explore it to a point where they know everything about it. One should be able to know their body like that back of their hand. This could mean doing research, going to the doctor or simply ~feeling yourself. It’s important you know your body (especially your boobs, in this case) and figure out what works. I like to talk about the pain of getting a piercing because it promotes the idea that one should explore their bodies exclusively – I mean, duh.

Do boys like that?

This is a real question I have gotten, and I could probably go on for years complaining about why the patriarchy has absolutely nothing to do with my body. I’m still blatantly confused as to why people think I would have a direct answer to it. My general response, however, is to question other people’s ignorant and harming insecurities that they project onto others; I only wish those people would talk about self-love, and that goes for anyone. It shouldn’t matter what other people think. When one makes a decision that can be pretty simply annulled, much like getting a piercing, it still means they should do it for themselves rather than doing it for another person (shocker!) I don’t think I’ve ever factored anyone else, much less a male, into my personal life decisions. Also, I don’t date boys.

What about breastfeeding?

A bit personal and assuming, but this is a fairly common question. I am no professional, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can take out piercings at any point you wish, no? While some women decide to keep their piercings in, it is typically not recommended to do that while breastfeeding. Since I have never breastfed and can’t really tell you what that’s like, you can find out more about nipple piercings and breastfeeding here.

Just … why?

Why not? At the end of the day, your decisions only affect you. If you want something, then you should go for it. Just do a little bit of research first!

It’s more fun than you think to have some kind of a secret to your body that’s abnormal to what others may prefer. However, that’s not to say you should ever feel pressured to sign up for any kind of body modification. You know yourself first and foremost, and loving your body by adding to it is another way to feel great about your boobs, your hair, your outfits, your skin, your nose, your knees, your toes and everything in between. The fact remains that if you’re not hurting anyone else, you’re probably loving yourself in some way, shape or form (and I can’t think of a single nipple that’s ever hurt anyone). Embrace your unique body, and fiercely own it.

For more inspiration on body confidence, visit @genderless_nipples on Instagram to see just how nipples are reclaiming gender identity and the fact that bodies are meant to be shown off.

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