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Jade Rolling 101: The Tips, Tricks & Skincare Benefits

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

I first stumbled upon jade rollers when I was scrolling through the Instagram Story of Allure magazine’s editor-in-chief and skin care connoisseur, Michelle Lee. During her usual skincare segment, she pulled out a little green tool reminiscent of a paint roller from her skin care fridge (yes, those are totally a thing now!) and started rolling the oval-shaped piece of jade stone in an across her face while she let her serum soak into her skin. I was so intrigued that I fell down the rabbit hole of skincare research, picked up a jade roller for myself. Below are my thoughts to help you decide if this new tool should be a staple in your skincare routine.

So, what actually is a jade roller?

A jade roller is a hand-held, double-ended tool with two small rolling pin-shaped pieces of jade stone on either end. The most common rollers are double-ended tool with two small rolling pin-shaped pieces of jade stone on either end. Jade is the most common stone used to make these tools as they are said to foster healing and promote peace, but another popular stone used is rose quartz. I bought mine online at Sephora and selected the mini-size, which only has one roller instead of two, but is perfect for a girl like me who is always spending the weekend out of town.

I’m intrigued, but what’s the point?

Because of its unique shape, the jade roller is the perfect skincare tool for girls who wake up with puffy, tired skin in the morning. The tool promotes lymphatic drainage and actually leaves your skin looking and feeling tauter and more contoured than it did prior to rolling. Not only does it aid in lymphatic drainage, but it could even help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. As if that wasn’t enough, it feels like a blissful massage, perfect for the morning after a night out or that last-minute cram session before your evening exam.

Ok, I’m in! How do I it?

How you decide to use your jade roller is completely up to you, but if you need a little guidance, have no fear. I like to start by applying light pressure with the larger side of the roller at my chin and rolling it horizontally across my jaw and into my hairline. This might feel a little uncomfortable if you’re someone who clenches your jaw a lot, but your muscles will feel so relaxed afterwards, I promise. Then, I continue to make that same horizontal sweeping motion starting from the sides of my nose and rolling outward to my cheeks, and again making the same motion but flipping the tool to the smaller side to use over my eyes and onto my temples. For the forehead area, I like to roll upward from the bridge of my nose using the larger side of the roller to roll vertically from my nose and up toward my hairline, finishing off my horizontally rolling across my forehead. Remember: there’s no specific amount of time or steps you need to take in order to use your jade roller to fit your lifestyle. When in doubt, follow this quick and easy tutorial and don’t forget just do what feels best for you.

Any pro-tips?

When it comes to jade rollers, there are two main things that can really make a difference in your experience. The first and most important pro tip I can give you is to store your roller in the fridge. Yes, your refrigerator! Storing your jade roller in a cold environment will completely cool the stone and will take your jade-rolling experience to the next level. I prefer to leave mine in the fridge overnight and use it in the morning during my skincare routine as I wait for my cup of tea to finish steeping. The second is selecting a stone that caters to your needs. Though most rollers are shaped similarly, the energy that each stone claims to have is different, so you should pick a roller with a stone that resonates with you the most.

So, the next time you wake up feeling a little less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, reach for your jade roller. You can thank me later.

Cayela is a junior at the University of Florida studying Journalism and costume design. She has a passion for street style, sewing and empowering others. She loves to write fun, well-researched articles with a focus on social justice. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @cayecuev
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