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The Importance of Sleep in College

You know the feeling of not getting enough sleep. Your body feels worn down. You drag yourself through the day. Not only do you feel exhausted physically, but also mentally. You’re groggy and can’t concentrate. These are the results of sleep deprivation, and it affects everyone at some point.

This is especially true for college students. Our busy schedules with classes, extracurricular activities, work, etc. makes it much harder for us to be able to get the proper amount of sleep that we need for our bodies to function at their best. And some of us are night owls and prefer to do homework at night despite how this could end up messing up our sleep schedules and ultimately lead to sleep deprivation. If you take steps to improve the amount of sleep that you get as well as the quality of your sleep, you’ll see drastic changes in your life. I will talk about the many ways in which getting enough sleep will improve your life and give some tips for college students to help you get enough sleep, because it is possible.

How getting enough sleep can help you

Getting at least seven hours of sleep is essential for us to function properly, and by getting this much sleep each night, you will see the positive effects of getting enough sleep.

Gives you more energy

By getting enough sleep, your body will be able to re-energize properly every night. This will make sure that you have enough energy to get all the tasks done that you have.

Improves your mood

Not only does sleep help give you more energy, but it can also improve your mood. Sleep deprivation can cause you to have mood swings. If you get enough sleep, you will notice that your moods are more balanced and it will also help to improve your overall mood.

Helps you to think more clearly

Being able to think clearly is crucial for college students because of the many tasks that we have each day, especially if its exams, homework, etc. If you do not get enough sleep, your mind can feel groggy and you may have a harder time processing or remembering things. This can make it harder for you to perform well in school. Getting enough sleep each night will get rid of these issues and make sure that your mind is working at its best every day.

Decreases stress and anxiety

Sleep has been said to help decrease stress and anxiety. As college students, all of the responsibilities that we have can lead to an increased amount of stress. If you don’t get enough sleep, you might end up adding to the stress that you already have. By getting enough sleep each night, it can help you to reduce stress, which can take a serious toll on your body physically and mentally.

Tips to help you get enough sleep

There are some helpful tips that you can use if you are a college student and have trouble getting enough sleep every night.

Time management

Learn to manage your time so that you can get enough hours of sleep is a great tip if you are dealing with sleep deprivation. If you find yourself having to stay up late because of homework or other things that you have to do, try to schedule your day in order to get enough sleep. If you are going to have to be up late doing work, try to schedule time during the day to get it done or go to sleep and wake up in the morning to do your work.

Stop procrastinating

This is a big issue for students that usually leads to sleep loss. A lot of assignments are due at midnight or in the morning, therefore, students often procrastinate and end up dealing with sleep deprivation.

Avoid staying up late

Even though some of us may be night owls and want to stay up late, it is better to avoid getting in the habit of doing this. Some people think that by going to bed late and sleeping in, you still get the quality sleep that you need. However, there can be issues with doing this because our bodies are programmed to get tired when it is nighttime. When we start to stay up late and sleep in, our bodies can become confused, causing you to mess up your biological sleep clock.

Go to sleep at the same time every night

By going to sleep at the same time, you will get into a routine every day. This will make it easier for you to stay on a schedule, so that you get the sleep you need. Going to sleep at the same time every night can also help to increase the quality of your sleep because your body will get used to being on a schedule, as well.

You should definitely try out these tips so you can get all the sleep that you need while in college!

Ashlyn Jones is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and she is a fourth-year journalism major at the University of Florida.
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