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How to Avoid That Afternoon Nap

Naptime may have technically ended in kindergarten, but it’s pretty common knowledge that napping is an essential part of college life. Some days, a nap is a necessity, but sometimes we are so busy that napping is a waste of time. Here are a few vital tips to keep in mind when trying to fight those afternoon catnaps and accidental four-hour slumbers:


1. Don’t go anywhere near your bed I don’t know how much I can emphasize this rule. There are so many reasons and excuses to jump right in – “It’s cold outside, and my bed is warmer,” or, “It’s more comfy to watch my online lectures in bed.” Don’t fall for these thoughts. You will inevitably close your eyes for a second and fall victim to the curse of the nap.


2. Caffeine is your new best friend I know I probably shouldn’t be encouraging the consumption of large quantities of caffeine when studies come out seemingly every year revealing its negative side effects, but sometimes there’s no better alternative. Whether it‘s an energy drink, coffee, or soda, caffeine will give you a quick burst of energy to wake you up. FYI: Dunkin’ Donuts has Happy Hour from 3 to 6 p.m. You can get any size coffee for only 99 cents!

3. Get your blood pumping Anything that increases your heart rate and gets your blood circulating will wake you up. You can run a few miles or swim some laps in the pool. If you have no time to waste on a long workout, then turn on the Wii to play a few rounds of Wii Tennis.

Next time you feel that dreaded wave of fatigue come over you but there is simply no time to nap, just remember these tips. I can definitely vouch for them because I may or may not have written this article on five hours of sleep and had to use each one. Though you may want to avoid mid-afternoon naps, it’s important to get the proper amount of sleep at night. It may seem like it’s absolutely necessary to stay up until 3 a.m. cramming every last chapter in your head, but sometimes it’s best to just go to sleep and start fresh in the morning. Continuously running on four hours of sleep can be unhealthy, so try to find that balance between sleep and studying.


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