Gator Glam: The 5 F’s for a Healthy Fall

It's time for midterms, and most of us are probably running around with thousands of different things on our to-do list leaving us little time for the gym or healthy eating. But if there’s any time to stay healthy and happy, it’s now!

I recently listened to a UF nutritionist speak about how easy it is to stay healthy, and she came up with a list of “Five F’s” to know and follow for a strong body. It spoke to me because I often find myself getting sick each Fall due to stress and exhaustion, so I wanted to share it with other college girls who I know are feeling the same way.

1. Fiber It may be a little uncomfortable to talk about, but fiber normalizes your bowel movements and helps make everything smooth sailing “down there” (even though we all know girls don’t poop). Some foods with high fiber include beans, almonds, fruits like oranges, bananas and apples, grains like oatmeal or bran flakes and veggies like green peas and broccoli.

2. Fruits (and veggies) I already mentioned how fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber, but as we all know, fruits and vegetables are so important for health and should be a staple of your everyday diet. It’s easy to just grab a banana, apple or orange for a breakfast snack or to have a side salad for dinner and steam some asparagus or green beans in the microwave.

3. Fluids Alert: pumpkin spice lattes do not count! It’s easy to drink five cups of coffee a day, but we often forget to drink enough water. When we feel our body getting tired, it’s signaling that we’re dehydrated and we need to remember to stock up on water and juice. Don’t forget milk to keep our bones strong!

4. Fullness You might get excited when you see the buffets in the dining halls, but it’s important to listen to our body when it’s full. We don’t have our parents to make our meals and watch our portions, so it’s easy to binge after a stressful few days. Make sure you eat slow and know when to stop.

5. Fitness Sometimes it can be hard to make time in the day for the gym, but even going for a quick run or doing a yoga video in your room will help you take a break from your study grind and ultimately help you stay healthy throughout the semester. With all of the options UF has to offer when it comes to exercise, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of your fitness regimen.

There you have it, folks! There’s no fad diet that will keep you as healthy and energized as staying true to the five F’s will. I know we are all smart collegiettes™ and have heard these tips over and over again, but sometimes, we all just need a little reminder!