Fitness with Finesse: Healthy Fall Food is Finally Here


Is it just me or is the weather looking better and better? As Florida finally cools down, the options for healthy eating are endless! Not only can you start to add more color to your meals, but you can also add more nutrients. Here are some of the best seasonal foods that will help you eat your way to a hot body in no time:

1. Cinnamon 
Natural compounds in the spice keep insulin (read: bad sugar) out of the blood stream while also preventing fat storage. Sprinkle cinnamon in black tea, oatmeal or even on some fresh fruit to boost metabolism!

2. Coffee 
That’s right! Your morning staple boosts metabolism and causes your body to burn higher levels of fat for increased energy (always a good thing!). Recent research also showed that small doses of caffeine before exercise improves performance and helps muscles recover faster.

3. Pumpkin 
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, pumpkin bread – it turns out that my all-time favorite fall ingredient can actually have some healthy benefits when done correctly. Pumpkin is low-calorie and high-fiber, and it also provides fat-fighting beta-carotene. Remember: more color means more nutrients!  

4. Chili 
Don’t wait to go home for this delicious cold-weather dish! Stir up fiber-full tomatoes, beans for protein and peppers or chili powder for a healthy jolt of spice. Add additional color with corn and onions if you’re feeling adventurous!

Maybe it’s because of the beautiful weather, but healthy fall food is definitely my favorite! What’s yours?