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Fitness With Finesse: 10 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Gym Bag

Every girl has her own gym routine, including what to bring in her bag, but there are a few key items a girl can’t forget when she hits Southwest Recreation Center this semester. These items will have you prepared for any situation after your workout and have you ready to face the world after you rock the weight machines.

1. Backup Headphones
It’s always good to keep an extra pair of headphones in your bag in case you forget your usual pair. We all know a workout without music is practically impossible. Next time you head for the gym, be sure to throw in a pair so you’re never left without your workout playlist.

2. Deodorant
After a tough workout, the sweat is real. Don’t be left smelling like the gym after a long run on the treadmill. Pack deodorant and use it before and after your workout so no one knows how much you really sweat.

3. Extra Socks
While socks might not seem like the first thing you need, they’re one of the most useful items you can have. Whether you forget your socks in the first place, or need fresh socks that don’t smell, these will come in handy in several situations.

4. Snacks
Post-workout, it’s always tempting to buy an unhealthy snack to “reward yourself” for the hard work. With a convenient and healthy granola bar thrown in your bag, you’ll be able to fight off those hunger pangs long enough to get home and eat a healthy meal.

5. Mascara
Beauty may not be your first thought during a workout, but don’t forget about that cute gym crush you see every Friday. A dash of water-proof mascara won’t run down your face while you sweat and will also make your eyes pop! It’s also useful to have around after a tough workout when you have plans right after.

6. Baby Powder
During a long run, things can get a little… sticky. Next time you’re planning a jog on the treadmill, use baby powder to avoid chaffing. Keep it in your bag and use it on your feet after a workout, too.

7. Towel
This one may seem obvious, but it’s always good to have the basics covered. Whether for a post-workout shower or mopping up sweat during spin class, this will definitely be put to good use.

8. Body Spray
Don’t want to take a full shower at the gym, or don’t have the time? Grab some fresh-scented body spray and spritz yourself after the gym. You’ll smell great despite just having worked out.

9. Dry Shampoo
On the same note, dry shampoo is another way to avoid the shower if you're crunched for time. Spray it on the sweaty parts of your hair and brush it throughout to freshen up and de-grease your luscious locks.

10. Hairbrush
The holy grail of post-gym needs: the hairbrush. Have a designated gym hairbrush that is always in your gym bag and never be left with sweaty, knotted hair again. Just be sure to clean it every once in awhile.

As you head to Southwest Rec for your next workout, be sure to pack your bag with all the tools you’ll need to survive your visit. With these 10 items you’ll be ready for anything the gym throws at you, armed with the power of preparation and a killer gym bag.


Photo credit: huffpost.com

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