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#AskHerCampusUFL: Self-Care is the Best Care

#AskHerCampusUFL is back again, and we’re dealing with a important topic in this one: mental health. It’s never wrong to reach out for help and you never feel ashamed for it.

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From: Nauseous Passenger

“I deal with bad anxiety and panic attacks and they tend to be worse in car rides and bus rides. I get bad motion sickness and nausea from my anxiety, and I have trouble calming down in order to get rid of my anxiety (especially difficulty during a six-hour car ride from home to UF). I need help with ways to get rid of nausea associated with anxiety attacks and motion sickness.”

Hey Nauseous Passenger,

I totally relate to this. Right before I would get on a plane, I would get super anxious because of crash stories being sensationalized. It would really get in my head. Then when I got in the plane, I would have to hold on to something during take-off because I would not feel good.

As I grew up though, I learned an important and very effective technique for dealing with anxiety and diverting my attention away from nausea – grounding.

Grounding is when you devote all your attention to the things that you are sensing. The smells  wafting to your nose, how your phone feels in your hand, the ground beneath your feet, and just about every thing else in the environment around you.

It may sound weird, but if you actually think about, grounding can work for you. You are diverting your attention away from the anxiety in your mind to actual, physical, corporeal things. Grounding gives your anxiety less power and fuel to harm you. You are slaying the dragon that is anxiety by grounding.

Try it out, and if you still need help, we are here for you.


Her Campus UFL


From: Trying To Be OK

“I was sexually assaulted my first semester of school and the PTSD/Anxiety/Depression following it have continued to define me. I struggle every day to get out of bed, make friends, or commit to plans. I have a boyfriend and roommates who love and support me. How do I motivate myself out of this two-year funk? It’s impacting my grades and relationships. (Also I am currently medicated for depression and PTSD).”

Dear Trying to Be OK,

Last year, I (a HC UFL team member) was sexually assaulted, too, and it further fueled my depression as well, so I can empathize with you. I get the impact it has on all facets of your life. I also get what it’s like to be medicated. While our experiences are not the same, I can hopefully offer advice. 

When I was the way you’re describing, I had no idea what to do. As time goes on, I lost motivation. However, there were still things that I loved that would always be there for me no matter what (i.e. not people). This for you could be a new activity, a video game, dogs, and anything. When I found something I could love endlessly, I fought to keep it. Love like that gave me hope and gave me the motivation to fight on. Find that thing to fight for, and it may get you out of this funk.

When I received your question, it reminded me of something that I lacked while in my rut – professional help. Because of this, I contacted the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) here at UF. I did not want to lead you astray and wanted to provide you a list of resources that I have personally used.

CWC On-Call Provider


This is a counselor that is available 24/7 for students in crisis and cannot come in for a live consultation, the CWC isn’t open, or all of the above. I have used this and it has honestly saved my life. Please use this if you need to.

The CWC can also provide help finding providers through their case manager.

Suicide Hotline

1-800-273-8255 or suicidepreventionlifeline.org if you want to chat instead

Crisis Text Line

747-747 (This is a great resource if you’re afraid to call and talk over the phone.)

U Matter, We Care 

If you are struggling with mental health problems, just remember you’re not alone. There are others, including myself, that do not want you to suffer.


Her Campus UFL


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