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9 YouTubers to Watch in 2018 to Get Your Life on Track

It’s finally 2018, and with the new year comes new resolutions to live a better life. I’m always looking to improve myself, but the problem is that my level of self-restraint is at about a negative two. I, have always needed encouragement from others around me to feel motivated to achieve my goals. Achieving goals big or small almost always requires a support system.

We can find care in the people around us like our friends and family, but you can also find it in a little website called YouTube. YouTube has a plethora of creators who seem to have their lives together and who are offering their support. I’ve put a list of YouTubers together who can help us all achieve our new year goals and resolutions.

1. The Sorry Girls 

A common resolution for many people is to save money. A wonderful way to achieve this, is with some create DIYs. The sorry girls are a Canadian duo that are as innovative as they are polite. They have a series of dollar store DIY’s that range from the creation of an entire outfit to a dog bed.

2. Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate, dare I say, is the Joanna Gaines of YouTube, albeit a much quirkier version. She can make over any space with her eccentric and unique aesthetic. She has even created her own line of decor that you can buy to help liven up any space to help create your perfect room. Her videos include DIYs and tips on how to make inexpensive-yet-noticeable differences in small spaces, perfect for a college budget.

3. Amanda Rach Lee

Bullet journaling has recently become a trendy way to keep our crazy lives under control. Journaling offers a way to not only stay organized, but to relax and be imaginative. Amanda Rach Lee takes her viewers through her journal and gives the viewers tips on how to stay organized with their own personal lives.

4. Hot For food

Lauren Toyota hosts a channel all about how to go vegan without losing all the great food the world has to offer. Many people have resolutions to eat healthier or to go vegetarian or vegan. This channel is perfect because it’s all vegan food that is inherently healthy than your average dinner. There’s even a few dessert recipes for a few cheat days, too.

5. Simply NailLogical

Christine, the host of Simply NailLogical, is one of the few YouTubers whose actual job doesn’t include social media. Her nail art has always been for fun, and it shows in her videos. She offers real nail tutorials that make it possible to achieve her same result. If you’re looking to up your nail game this year, give her channel a chance. Recently, she hasn’t been doing too many nail videos, but I’m okay with it because she’s just hilarious to watch anyway.

6. Yoga with Adriene

A big part of starting a new year is leaving negativity in the past. Adriene is a yoga instructor who helps her viewers to fall in love with practice of yoga, but also oneself. She practices self-love and positivity, which is something we all need more of in our lives. Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise because all you need is a mat and a computer for your instruction with Adrienne.

7. Tess Christine

I always love updating my wardrobe with a few staple pieces that will bring my clothes into the new year, and Tess Christine shows you what pieces to look out for each season. She makes look book videos for seasons, occasions and even for costumes. Her style combines a few distinctive ones, like street and boho styles that combine seamlessly, meaning you can find something that fits your taste in almost all her videos.

8. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of the original beauty YouTubers; She’s had her channel for almost 10 years. In a world where social media moves us from one person to the next, her longevity is a test to her skill and relatability. Jaclyn’s tutorials are easy to follow. Since she’s been on the internet for almost a decade, she has a tutorial on almost any kind of look you could want.

9. Emma Chamberlain

This last YouTuber is someone I’ve been going to just to have a laugh in the middle of the day. Emma Chamberlain is only 16 and she started YouTube less than a year ago, but she’s one of my go-to creators. She doesn’t have much to offer in the way of resolutions, but she’ll put a smile on your face. I suggest finding a YouTuber who can make you laugh, because having someone to watch who can bring you joy, is a fantastic way to help yourself stay positive during those stressful days.

These are just nine YouTubers out of millions. If you have a resolution that you need a little more support in, try searching through YouTube. The chances are that someone who takes time to film their journey will have something pretty significant to say.

Michaela is a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida and is currently majoring in journalism. You can find her soaking up the Florida sun at the beach, shopping at a thrift store, or in the front row of a local band's show. Her friends, good coffee and a book are one of the many things that keep her smiling every day. 
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