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9 Phases of Going to the Library During Finals Week

We have finally reached the end of semester and we have almost made it out alive. Somehow we survived the mid-semester slump, and we have reached this Hunger Gamesesque period where finding a seat at the library is left up to fate. Every single college student has had to experience the lack of toilet paper and plethora of loud coughs of the library, so we can all relate to these nine phases of going to the library during finals week. How else will you procrastinate studying?

1. The first, and perhaps longest, phase of going to the library is actually finding a spot to sit. During finals week, you’ll basically be a model walking a runway when searching for that cubby near an outlet.

2. Once you’ve finally found a spot, it’s time to take out your laptop, your huge laptop charger, your phone charger, your planner and your textbook. This will make so little noise in comparison to how much everyone is talking, but everyone will still stare at you.

3. Once you’re all situated nowhere near any of your friends, it’s time to actually focus. Just kidding! Instead, you stare at the kid in front of you watching YouTube videos.

4. You’ve determined you can’t focus just yet, so you walk around and find one of your friends. This can only lead to giggling, talking loudly and goofing around.

5. You’ve officially pissed off every tired student near you and your friend, so you have to evacuate the premises. The only place to go to further procrastinate at this point is Starbucks. What better way is there to study than to load up on caffeine and unnecessary calories?

6. Next comes the really awesome, and perhaps the shortest, phase of being at the library. You’re actually focusing and being productive. You’re a natural Elle Woods.

7. Slowly transitioning out of the productive zone, you decide to celebrate reading a full page of a textbook with a 20-minute texting break.

8. Once you’ve officially focused, hunger comes to mind. You contemplate ordering Jimmy John’s because it’ll get to the library in two minutes, but you’ll stink up the entire floor you’re on. Eating will provide you with a much-needed study break, though.

9. Here comes the bittersweet part of the library experience. You haven’t gotten anything done, and because you’re so tired, you will continue to get nothing done. You must admit defeat, until tomorrow night when you repeat the entire process.

Most of us have suffered through finals week, and all of us have made it out alive. You are going to do amazing on your exams, so stay positive! Now get back to studying.

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