The Mid-Semester Slump, as Told by Bob’s Burgers

It’s safe to say we have all reached that point in the semester when there is a lack of motivation and a surplus of laziness. This phenomenon is called the “mid-semester slump” and it is very real. Midterms are over, but we have not yet seen the sweet bliss that is Thanksgiving Break. We are stuck in this middle ground of homework, lectures and maybe a quiz or two. The best way to characterize this moaning and groaning is through the characters of Bob’s Burgers.

Okay, so it’s the middle of the semester and you feel like you are falling apart.

There are many different ways to deal with this slump. You could sell your soul.

 You could also take the easier route and just groan your way through it.

And maybe groan a little bit more.

After groaning for three days, you realize you actually have stuff you need to do.

You just so happen to have a math exam right before Thanksgiving Break, when everyone’s brain is fried. Shout-out to your professor!

You’ve let all of your frustrations out and you realize there is only one route to staying awake and studying.

Your coffee chugging has officially boosted morale.

You sit with your friends in the library, and everyone is equally delusional.

After you have taken your exam, you realize that maybe having a good life isn’t an option anymore.

You later realize there are solutions to your problems. You can stay hydrated.

You can also order an entire pizza for yourself.

After you eat for what feels like an eternity, you realize that you should probably get off the couch.

Your friends try to convince you to go outside because sitting on the couch for three days is apparently not acceptable.

After a long night of complaining, you find yourself zoned out on your computer.

You have finally reached the end of this awful mid-semester slump, and there is only one way to celebrate. Stuff your face again and get back on that couch.

We will all make it through this terrible stage in the semester, I promise! If you need help procrastinating for your assignments (which you probably already have taken care of), I would recommend eating a lot and watching Bob’s Burgers. After all, shouldn’t we be focusing on what makes us happy?