6 Productive Ways to Spend Your Time This Summer

The good news is that you got the summer internship you wanted.

The bad news is that it totally ruined all your plans to be a world traveler for the summer.

As students, especially at the University of Florida, we work really hard throughout the entire school year. It’s important to use your summer break to take opportunities at internships and advance your career. But, it’s also important to have some fun and most importantly take some time to relax.

There’s the always the obvious things to do during the summer, like go to the beach or binge everything Netflix has to offer. Those are both great things – and I highly recommend you do both – but there’s a bunch of other small things you can use to fill your free time that will leave you feeling both relaxed and like you actually got something done.

Here are six simple ways to fill your free time this summer when you’re not working at your internship or taking classes.

  1. 1. Skip town for the weekend.

    When you get off of work at 5 p.m. on Friday make plans to use the weekend to the best of your ability. Book an Airbnb out of town and take some time to relax. It doesn’t have to be far, it just has to be stress free. Trust me, you earned it.  

  2. 2. Try a new restaurant

    Whether you’re spending your summer back home or living somewhere new, you should use the summer to try out new places. Stop and try that coffee shop you’ve driven past 100 times. Or have a drink at the local bar in the new neighborhood you just moved into. Take this time off to explore your community and see what things you haven’t tried before.

  3. 3. Catch up on your reading list

    Remember when you had to do summer reading assignments, and it was the worst? Now, summer break is the perfect time to catch up on the books that have collecting dust on your bookshelf because you didn’t get around to reading them during the school year. Take advantage of the free time you have and read.

  4. 4. Pick up a new hobby

    Summer has always been the time I like to try new hobbies. Last summer it was hand lettering, maybe this year it will be painting pottery or rollerblading. Do you think I have time to be painting during the school year? Absolutely not. Summer is my chance to explore all those creative outlets and find new things I really enjoy.

  5. 5. Go to the movies

    Sitting in the theater on a hot summer day is one of my all-time favorite things to do. It reminds me of being a kid and there being nothing else to do. Not to mention, that there are always some great blockbusters that hit the theaters just in time for summer break. Go to the movies, grab some popcorn, sit back and relax. Again, you deserve it.

  6. 6. Get your life together

    As awful as that sounds, that’s my reality and I’m sure it’s yours, too. Summer break is always an opportunity to start fresh, and you will actually have the time to keep it all together. Last summer I was dedicated to going to the gym, cooking dinner and making my bed. It’s the small things, but it was really nice to develop those habits and then they carried over once classes started back up. I find it really helpful to have some time to get my life together and reset before another crazy year at UF.

Don't waste your summer away. Try these out and see how much you'll grow in just a few months!