The 5 Best Exercise Classes to Take at UF

Full disclosure: I am writing this article about health while dreaming of a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder. I want a large fry and a large strawberry milkshake, too. But first, I have to write about exercise classes you should take at UF. Why? Because although buying a cheeseburger is a priority of mine for today, the number one item on my list is going to an exercise class. The only problem with that is there are way too many classes and I really want that burger. So, with my best (kind of) judgement, I have determined these RecSports classes to be the best at UF.

  1. 1. Core 

    Core is great. Like, what else can I say? It’s a 30-minute class of regrets for signing up the night before. Just kidding, the class is actually a lot of fun and you’ll work muscles that are typically ignored during a normal gym routine. The core machines in the gym’s machine room scare me more than the big frat guys using them. Just a warning though: Don’t wear mascara to this class. You will be sobbing. Have fun!

  2. 2. Total Body

    If you were crying after the core class, get ready to hurt all over. Total Body is an hour-long class that has no focus, kind of like a "What is the Good Life?" discussion. It covers almost every major muscle, which to me feels like you get a pass to skip all other days at the gym. It’s leg day, arm day, chest day, all the days in one. TB is a fully immersive experience. I highly recommend it.

  3. 3. Hip Hop Fitness

    Dance the hour away in this fun class! You’ll either really like or really hate hip hop fitness—there is no in between. A lot of people like the high-energy and fast-paced rhythm of the class but others prefer something slow like yoga or watching paint dry. This class is great for getting your heart-rate up and jamming your stress away. 10/10 would recommend.

  4. 4. Kickboxing

    I have never left a room so free of anger after taking this class. I have been twice so far to kickboxing, once while my ex and I were dating and once after breaking up and let me say that both times were equally rewarding. The instructor literally lets you hit a punching bag they’re holding for a good 15-20 punches. I always get a comment like “Wow, you’re really good at this,” which we all know means “Wow, you need therapy.” It’s a great way to blow off some steam from work, school or your ex who dumped you in a Chili’s parking lot. It’s basically a free, hour-long therapy session!

  5. 5. Step

    The only steps I used to take were those toward a buffet.Now, I do that and also go to step class. Step was not what I was expecting—it’s a lot of cardio. Like, more than what should be legally allowed. The class is open to all students, but only the bravest actually complete the class. If you ever played Wii Fit Plus with the Wii board, you’ll fit right in. In fact, I actually knew a lot of the step routines from playing the game. I wonder if it was inspiration for creating the class…

If none of these classes suit your fancy, UF offers plenty more that may be interesting to you. Check out the weekly exercise class schedule. Happy exercising!