How To Stop Eating Badly

From donuts to chai lattes, lasagna to malva pudding, comfort foods are just hugs on a plate (or in a cup). Gary Wenk, Ph.D. explains that, like drugs, some foods can act as a gateway to larger bad eating habits. "From your brain's viewpoint, there is no difference." So, how do you satisfy cravings, but stay healthy at the same time... and is that EVEN possible?

YES! Below are some healthy recipes and tips for healthy eating to stop that craving for everything sweet and calorie-filled!


1.Good Morning Sunshine:

Breakfast time! Ever heard the saying: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper”? It's truer than you think. Before you decide to skip your most important meal of the day, remember that by skipping breakfast you´re more likely to grab something ´easy´ and potentially unhealthy later on to curb your hunger! Breakfast also sets the tone of your eating for the rest of the day, so be sure to start well!

-Eggs are the High protein breakfasts are the best for keeping you fuller for longer and eggs are the most cliché breakfast proteins of them all. Keen to give your eggs a private school twist? Serve them scrambled + smoked salmon + cream cheese + rocket leaves (the best of protein, fat, omega 3 and greens).


2. Mid-morning Snacking:

Craving lunch already? Bananas are high in potassium & great for curbing cravings. Also be sure to keep yourself hydrated. No, we don´t mean coffee, which is an antidiuretic i.e. absorbs water in the system, but water….South Africa's most precious resource at the moment. Often times you´re just thirsty, which your mind mistakes for hunger. If you find yourself reaching for unhealthy snacks, try stashing them away. Out of sight, out of mind!

3. ¨I don't want no lunch!¨

Madea was so wrong. As university students all we want is that midday meal to help us get through the post-meridian stretch of lectures and tutorials! Leftovers are bae: have some leftover chicken from the night before? Pack it in for lunch, with some couscous (which only takes 5 minutes and a bit of boiling water to cook up) or some salad leaves.Think that salads are rabbit food? Really? Yes, salads can fill you up when you do them right! To add some density to your salad add some cheese (from feta to blobs of cream cheese). Canned foods are also great for jazzing up salads! Try lentils, chickpeas, black beans or corn. But are you keen to buy healthy lunch on campus? Higher Cuisine on the lowest level of the Leslie Social Science Building (below LS 2D) sells awesome vegan curry bowls! Prices: R20 for a small bowl, R25 for medium and R30 for large… Definitely budget friendly!

4. Midday snack-attack:

The English were right about the whole teatime thang! Tea goes a long way! Warm drinks are amazing for curbing hunger, when paired with a small snack. Try pairing yours with a homemade health bar (you can make yours with some rolled up oats, dates, mixed nuts and *LOOK UP HEALTHY BITES TO EAT WITH A CUP OF TEA*

5. Dinner anyone?

Whatever you´ll be eating at supper time, remember the ratio: