Realistic Ways to Incorporate Self-Compassion in your Daily Routine

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Self-care isn’t just DIY face masks and bubble baths. However, self-care can certainly include these things, and it does for many people! At its core, self-care is taking time for yourself to recharge to avoid burnout, and is a necessary practice that combats toxic productivity. Everyone should make time for self-care to properly nourish their mental, emotional, and physical health. Despite this truism, it sometimes becomes difficult to find self-care time when life and responsibilities get in the way. Whether you’re a self-care veteran or a novice, here are a few easy ways to incorporate more self-compassion into your daily routine:

1). Celebrate the Small Victories!

The small things make all the difference. Recognizing small successes is so important for building confidence and validating things that made your day brighter or lighter. Small victories can be anything from making someone laugh or smile, having a positive social interaction, checking off an item from your to do list, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2). Learn to Say No. 

Saying no is crucial for prioritizing yourself, maintaining boundaries, and being honest with yourself and others. Saying no when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overextended isn’t selfish. In having the courage to say no, you prioritize yourself and the other person by nurturing honest and open-communication with what you can and can’t handle at the moment. 

3). Learn to Say Yes.

While saying no is an important exercise in respecting yourself, saying yes is also vital! Embrace the possibilities you encounter and don’t hesitate to say yes to opportunities that get you excited. Saying yes is a great step towards keeping your spirits up and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

4). Drink Water!

Stay hydrated! Humans are about 70% water, so it’s so important that you replenish your body! 

Among many health benefits, drinking water is good for your skin, your muscles, your kidneys, and your skin! Having trouble remembering to drink enough water? Here are a few tips: Eat more fruits and vegetables, since these foods generally have a high water percentage, and always carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Drinking enough water throughout the day can make all the difference between feeling energized and feeling fatigued.

5). Listen to Music 

Busy studying for a big midterm? Folding laundry? Need to unwind but determined to stay on the grind? Listen to music you find relaxing, or music you find energizing! YouTube has some great lo-fi beats, classical music, or cozy coffee shop ambience. If you want upbeat music to groove to, you can vibe to musicians like ABBA or Queen! 

6). Let out a Big Sigh

Breathe in...and breathe out. Repeat as much as needed. Breathing exercises work for some people, and not for others. Try it!

Remember, self-care isn’t one size fits all - it means different things for everyone. While some may enjoy unwinding alone, others may prefer being in the company of others while recharging. 

Some of us are new to self-care, and that’s okay! It’s better now than never to start incorporating self compassion into your daily routine.