Workout Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

There’s no argument that Victoria’s Secret models have some of the most coveted and sought-after bodies that exist. They train all year in preparation for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Here are some tips on how to exercise like a VS model! Don't forget, a VS body is made 20% in the gym and 80% in the kitchen! 

1. Cardio

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VS models make cardio a large part of their fitness routine. Cardio is extremely important to include in a workout regimen! Try incorporating spin, boxing, or jumping rope to improve your fitness levels!

2. Resistance Training

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Resistance training improves muscular strength and endurance! It’s a highly effective way to tone your muscles. Invest in dumbbells or resistance bands for a convenient at-home workout. Incorporate donkey kicks or fire hydrants if you’re trying to build a bigger booty!

3. Strength Training

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Incorporate weights into your workout regimen! VS models often focus on a particular muscle group rather than focusing on a full body split.

4. Balance Exercises

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Balance exercises are very effective as it forces you to activate your core! Many VS models place an emphasis on balance. This can be seen when they are in their favorite New York gym, Dogpound! Try squats, deadlifts, leg raises, or push-ups on a bosu ball! Incorporate these into a HIIT workout for maximum fat burn!

5. Yoga

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Yoga is an important part of a VS model’s training regimen. Yoga can be qualified as both cardio or strength training! Yoga helps keep you lean and toned! In addition to the physical benefits, yoga is great for the mind and spirit!