Top 5 Classes to Take at UCSB

The stress of picking classes for the new quarter is here now that pass times are right around the corner. There are so many courses to choose from and sometimes we just don’t know which classes to take. Here are the top five classes to take before you graduate. Don’t regret not jumping on these opportunities!


1. SOC 152A: Sociology of Human Sexuality

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SOC 152A is perhaps the most recommended class to take at UCSB. Human sex is taught by the Baldwin professors, an older married couple. Course material and lectures are both engaging and interesting. The course ranges from topics such as sexually transmitted infections and birth control to love and learning how to be sexual. This course also incorporates practical real-world knowledge about human sexuality.


2. ESS 4A: Life Fitness

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If you’re interested in health and fitness then this is the class for you. This course is designed to teach you a basic understanding of health and fitness. Theoretical frameworks and real-world application of fitness activities are both taught in this course. If you’ve always struggled with fitness and are looking for motivation to start a routine than take this course. You are able to build a strong fitness foundation by the end of the quarter through running, swimming, and biking. 10/10 recommend.


3. GEOG 20: Geography of Surfing

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Love to surf? GEOG 20 is perfect for surfers or those who are interested in learning about surf culture and science. This course teaches social and physical science concepts that are manifested in the sport of surfing. Perfect for surfers who want to learn more about the concepts behind waves and learn how to improve their surf game as well as learn about surf cultures throughout history! Surf’s up brah. Don’t be a kook and miss out on your chance to take this unique course!


4. ES 1-7A: Elementary Boating & Sailing

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We live in what is arguably the best weather in the world. Santa Barbara is known for its sunshine, warm weather, and breeze. There is no better place to set sail than down at the Santa Barbara harbor. This class is perfect for those who want to learn the basics of sailing! There’s no better time than the present to improve your basic physical condition, learn a practical skill, and secure neuromuscular development by cruising around the harbor. You’ll never get another chance like this. Do not regret it and take this course!


5. C LIT 186FL: Vegetarianism: Food, Literature, Philosophy

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C LIT 186FL is the perfect course for those who are interested in learning more about vegetarianism and veganism without the harsh critiques of others. This course focuses more on the philosophical, religious, and literary history of vegetarianism and veganism rather than the health and nutrition components. Course material and lecture is engaging and refreshing. There is a strong emphasis on animal ethics and the histories of vegetarianism. Perhaps one of the only courses you can take on vegetarianism and still be able to escape critiques. Take this course before you graduate from UCSB!