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New Pilates Studio Opens In Goleta — Why You Should Check It Out

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I’ve been hearing the hype around Pilates for a while, and never really fully understood it. It wasn’t until my roommate became a Pilates instructor that I finally decided to try it out!

Watching my roommate, Alex Manion, undergo the rigorous training process to become an instructor is when Pilates became officially on my radar. As someone who personally doesn’t understand how most workouts are enjoyable, my interest was piqued.

After officially becoming an instructor, Alex offered me a free class to try it out. To convince me to go, she began telling me about the activity’s incredible benefits. Pilates can increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone, as well as your balance. While I would normally be reluctant, to exercise this time I was excited!

That next morning, I drove ten minutes to the Magnolia Center in Goleta and walked into StudioX. While StudioX has a large following for its Santa Barbara location, the Goleta location has received minimal press.

Alex had told me prior that they were trying to get more people into the studio since it had seemed that barely anyone had heard of it, leaving classes empty and the studio bare.

Since this was my first time trying Pilates, I was shocked and awed walking into the studio. With floor-to-ceiling mirrors lining the front and back walls and thirteen professional reformer machines, I was ready to work.

Alex led the class through a series of circuit exercises for arms, abs, and legs. With each movement, I felt every muscle in my body engaged.​​ As my arms and legs would shake on the reformer, I was in disbelief at how effortless Alex made it seem.

Alex considers herself to be quite the exercise guru. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, she has experience participating in many of the exercise companies that office throughout the Santa Barbara area. Previously working at StarCycle in La Cumbre Plaza, Alex hails Pilates as her favorite workout regimen she has ever done.

With StudioX providing classes for people of all skill levels, Alex claims, “As a primarily body weight based workout, it is exciting to feel your body supporting you in the workout at that moment. It makes you feel so strong.” After taking my first class, I wholeheartedly agreed.

As someone who has dumped countless amounts of money trying hardcore HIIT and cardio classes, Pilates was the best exercise class I have ever taken. Instead of feeling exhausted, or as if my body was going to give out either during or after class, the low-impact nature of Pilates and the premise that I could go at my own pace made me feel strengthened, knowing my body supported me the whole way. This made me realize that this is a great way to keep my body and mind strong. The best part for me was not only did I barely sweat, but I was able to come home and go to campus for class feeling awake and energized from the inside out. It prepared me for the rest of my day, rather than me having to plan my whole day around it the way other exercise classes have.

StudioX provides around seven fifty-minute classes per day allowing it to be the perfect brain break. With 15 different instructors, there are many opportunities to learn new moves and routines with every class you take. As a busy full-time student, the prospect of a place like StudioX being more geographically accessible is exciting. Now having a studio in Goleta, more UCSB students can venture in and try it.

Learning about the benefits of Pilates and having a studio so accessible makes me more inspired to try it again. Not only was my experience incredible, but I left the class motivated by how my body felt. 

As someone who did not understand the hype before, I certainly understand it now. I highly encourage everyone to make their way to the Magnolia Center and give StudioX a try. And who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!

Hi there! I am from Newport Beach California and am a fourth year communications major here at UCSB. I love going for walks and runs around Isla Vista, going to the beach with friends, and going on spontaneous adventures. I am so excited to be able to contribute to the amazing writing platform that is Her Campus.