I Drank Four Yerba Mates and This Is What Happened

“Okay, so two midterms and two five-page papers, all due on Week 6. I can totally do this.”

This was the lie I told myself on week one, to only find out on Week 5 that I can not, in fact, do this without pulling multiple all-nighters. My first all-nighter was the Friday before Week 6, in which I had no caffeine. I was going great until the third all-nighter when I literally found myself taking little, unannounced naps at random times of the day.

I am a huge Yerba Mate fan. However, I tried staying away from the great UCSB Energizing Drink. Yeah, I tried but did not succeed. Come Monday I found myself at the harbor purchasing a Pomegranate Yerba bottle. In as little as ten minutes, the drink was gone and in my stomach. I waited patiently for it to kick in and my tiredness to just dissipate but an hour went by and I still felt the heaviness of my eyelids. So out of desperate measures, I went back and bought another Yerba, then when another hour went by I bought another Yerba, and then I did it again. Before I knew it I drank four glass yerbas in four hours.

NEVER DO THIS! After I drank four, I felt a jolt of energy rush through me. I wrote 250 flashcards, finished both essays (which were due a week from then. Yeah, I like to get my things done weeks in advance), and studied for both midterms.

Image via Yerba Mate

Now, all of the things that I had listed that I got done sound amazing, right? You might want to now purchase four Yerbas and drink them, right?

WRONG! I did not sleep! My brain thought that 11 pm was 5 pm until I looked outside and saw that it was pitch dark. I did not sleep that night and crashed so hard at my 11 am class. So, the moral of the story is to drink one Yerba, get a good nights rest, and try your best to stay away from having two midterms and two papers due in one week. Good luck, collegiates!

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