How You Feel When Choosing Classes

Time passes by so quickly, and it hit me when I got the e-mail about being wise about choosing classes that “wait I have to choose classes again”?! I hope I am not the only one that is feeling like it was so quick! Here are some feelings you might have when you are choosing classes! 

What I have to choose classes already? 


Which classes should I take? 


How can I knock out more GE classes? 


Oops, I forgot pass time :D 


*Waiting for your next pass time and hanging on to any hope you have left that there will be one spot left for you*


Dreading having to crash a class because it was full already.


Questioning why the classes fill up so quickly and why there are such a small number of spots. 


Freaking out because now you have to scramble to find classes to be a full time student. 


But at the end when your schedule is all figured out, you are going to feel way better!