Five Photogenic SB Locations for the Fall Season (Other than the Pumpkin Patch)

It’s well into Fall, and what better way to memorialize this beautiful season than to take pictures at the local pumpkin patch?

That was exactly what my friends and I were thinking as we put on our cute Autumn themed outfits and charged up our phones. We excitedly drove all the way to Lane Farms only to find that the pumpkin patch was CLOSED for the entire month of November!

So there we were, standing right outside of the gate, frantically googling last minute locations that we could go to take pictures before golden hour was over. None of us knew where to go except for the beach on campus or Downtown Santa Barbara. We ended up going with the latter option, but we couldn't help but think that there must be more locations that are photogenic in the Fall, right?

Of course! We are in Santa Barbara, after all. In fact, here are five beautiful locations to take Insta-worthy pictures in during the Fall season (besides the pumpkin patch)!

  1. 1. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

    Many may think that Fall wouldn’t be the ideal season to visit the SB Botanic Garden, as there would be less plant life. However, there are actually countless flowers that bloom throughout the garden only during the cooler months, such as Manzanitas, Buttonbushes, and California Buckeyes! The establishment itself is also split into multiple sections, each with its own unique view. For example, the Teahouse Garden features a beautiful Japanese teahouse surrounded by large-leaved vegetation. The Redwood Forest consists of towering redwoods over a serene and wild walking trail. In other words, not only will the garden guarantee you a flower-filled photo, but will also provide you with a variety of themes to spice up your Instagram!


  2. 2. Santa Barbara County Courthouse

    It may sound a bit strange to have a photoshoot at a courthouse, but don’t underestimate the beauty of Santa Barbara County Courthouse’s architecture! Built in 1929, this complex allures visitors with its Spanish design and its hand-painted mosaic tiles. It is also surrounded by a colorful garden that highlights the gracefulness of the building. The best part, however, is that you can climb to the top of the clock tower FOR FREE and soak up the jaw-dropping view of Santa Barbara. This is the ideal place for those who want to include both nature and structure in their photos.

  3. 3. Lizard's Mouth Trail

    Lizard’s Mouth, a rock formation that is naturally shaped like the opened jaw of a reptile, is a unique destination for all nature lovers! It is located within Los Padres National Forest, and you can easily get there by following a clear walking trail. Even though Lizard’s Mouth is typically known for its peculiar structure, this is not the only thing that makes it so special. It also overlooks the entire county of Santa Barbara and the broad horizons of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking to take more adventurous and sensational photos, and you’re not afraid of doing a little walking, then Lizard’s Mouth is the perfect place to visit!

  4. 4. Mesa Lane Beach

    Who says you can’t go to a beach during the Fall? Located just 12 minutes away from UCSB, Mesa Lane Beach is a hidden gem that is often overlooked! Because it is not incredibly well-known, this beach attracts less visitors than other beaches. This also means that it is much cleaner and quieter. A quick walk west will lead you to the Douglas Family Preserve, which is a secluded area filled with wild plant life. There, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beach. Overall, this location is great for those who want to capture a calming and dreamy mood in their pictures!

  5. 5. The Chromatic Gate

    The Chromatic Gate is the perfect structure to go to for those who want to take vibrant and colorful photos. Located next to East Beach, this structure is a grand art piece that will make you look as if you are walking through a rainbow! Its multicolored features completely contrast from the beach background, making it stand out. Therefore, no matter what weather you visit the gate in, your pictures will always pop!

  6. 6. BONUS: Gainey Vineyard

    For those who are 21 years or older, make sure to pay one of Gainey’s three ranches a visit! The Gainey Vineyard includes three separate ranches spread out through Santa Barbara. Each ranch houses crops distinct to the climate in which it is located. The Evans Ranch displays cool climate varieties, while the Home Ranch provides warm climate varieties. Rancho Esperanza holds more marine-influenced crops. All three ranches are stunning and definitely photogenic! If you are looking for a farm-like location (much like the pumpkin patch), then Gainey Vinyard’s ranches should be on the top of your list.

There you have it! Now you know of some beautiful landmarks and destinations within Santa Barbara that will definitely keep your camera busy and your Instagram filled to the brim with diverse content. It might be safe to say that you’ll even forget about the Pumpkin Patch! My friends and I certainly did as we scrolled through the breath-taking photos that were taken at these locations.

Overall, these places show that there is much more of the Fall Season in Santa Barbara than just pumpkins and corn mazes, so why don’t we obtain the full Autumn experience, and pay them a visit?  

All images via Giphy