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At UCSB and IV we are lucky to have some of the most beautiful running locations right in our own backyard, so be sure to take advantage of them during your time here. Also most, if not all, of these routes have smaller trails that crisscross and run through them, so be adventurous an go explore those too! 

Mix-up your workout and check out some of these great runs around UCSB and IV:

Lagoon Loop Only (1.5 miles)

Probably one of the most popular places to run around campus. A loop running route always serves as good motivation to run the whole way without stopping. The paved trail around the lagoon also provides views of campus and the ocean. This is a relatively short run; the lagoon loop itself is 1 ½ miles depending on where you start out. It also opens up to other trails so if you get super motivated mid-run you can run further.


Del Playa Bluffs > Lagoon Loop (4- 4.6 miles)

Another loop run to keep you motivated. This is a beautiful run along the bluffs above the beach and campus lagoon. Its a must run for those sunset/evening runs. The path along the DP bluff is wide and flat and relatively straight. Just be careful not to get too distracted by the amazing ocean view and run into a person on a bike hauling a huge surfboard.


Past Campus Lagoon > Goleta Pier (6 miles)


For those long run days! This is another route that has amazing views. It is about 6 miles one way (depending on where exactly you start), so be prepared to pace yourself or maybe walk back. Also, once you arrive at Goleta Pier you could always stop at Beachside Bar and Café for lunch or a drink to refresh!

Del Playa Bluffs > Devereux Lagoon Loop (5 miles) 


Another loop around another lagoon! This part of campus is not often seen by students, but it’s just as beautiful. Its also typically quieter than the other running trails. So if you like to run undisturbed and really get into the zone, all while enjoying amazing views of the ocean, then this run is for you. 







Tasha is a fourth year English major at UC Santa Barbara. She is a Palm Springs native who prefers the cloudy sweater weather days of Santa Barbara, over the near 365 days of sunsine in Palm Springs. She rides horses and enjoys outdoor activites when her nose is not shoved into a book or in front of a computer screen. 
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