What No One Tells You About Moving Back Home

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Raise your hand if this past year you had to move back home unexpectedly. My hand is raised too and yes, I am still living here. This past year has been unique for many different reasons. With the world slowly opening up, I found myself reflecting upon what no one tells you about moving back home.  family on beach at sunset Photo by Jude Beck from Unsplash

As a twenty-year-old, I have always looked to my parents for guidance in whatever endeavors I am embarking upon. With being away for a year and then coming back, our relationship dynamic has shifted for the better. When coming home, my parents initially parented me, which is understandable given the world circumstances we were facing. However, the longer I have been here, I feel that my parents have seen me mature and grow intellectually that now our relationship is on a more adult level. Having this mutual respect for one another has allowed my personal confidence to strengthen tremendously. 

Not only has my relationship grown with my parents, but it has also strengthened with my brothers and grandparents who live in town. On some nights of the week, my brothers and I will drive over and have dinner with my grandparents. Just being here for the little things like supporting my brothers when they have an exam or being able to house-sit for my grandparents when they have a doctor's appointment has really helped our relationships too. Having more time to be present with everyone is such a gift that I have tried to not take for granted. 

Next, let’s talk about money. This past year I have been so fortunate to save money by not having to pay for housing, dinners out, or my Starbucks addiction. All of this extra money that I am not spending has allowed me to further help contribute to my college tuition which substantially alleviated my parents' stress. Having access to a kitchen has also proved crucial for me. I have learned to not only cook but choose healthier meals that fuel me for a busy day at school or work. I know that these cooking habits that I have developed will stick once I return to campus. 

Vegan dinner and vegetables on a table Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

Lastly, I feel most comfortable when I am in my childhood room. Here, I have MY space where I can study, focus quietly, move mountains of work and call my friends. Not having to share this part of space has been essential to me recharging my personal battery and being ready to excel in the activities that I am a part of. Before moving home, I thought I would be so distracted by my family but since we have all formed our own personal routines, it has been quite the opposite. 

Moving home isn’t a death sentence. I have been so fortunate to grow my family relationships, develop healthier lifestyle habits and save more money. No matter where you are, it all depends on how you approach the situation. If you are open to change, you will have a more positive experience and benefit in the long run.