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Original photo by Rebecca Karlous

We Tried Kourtney Kardashian’s Matcha Cookies & Here’s What We Think

Hey you, it's me. Your fellow matcha enthusiast.

Did you know that matcha is not only packed with antioxidants and nutrients but tastes amazing in lattes AND baked treats? So when I saw that matcha queen, Kourtney Kardashian, uploaded her recipe for the perfect vegan, dairy-free, matcha cookies, I knew I had to hop onto this train and review it. Especially when I had all of the ingredients ready to go in my cupboards?! C'mon, it was meant to be.

[bf_image id="phvtq97jrk7sm7fn8krwck8"]

First, let's begin with this life-changing batter. I couldn't stop eating it. I had to remind myself that I'm baking cookies and not making cookie dough! The batter is so vibrantly green leaving you with no worries of salmonella.

[bf_image id="fjrt9cq7c3q38khzgskscjq"]

For the majority, following the recipe was a simple and effortless process. This would be a great baking activity to do with friends and family when you want a switch up from the usual chocolate chip cookies. I did switch out almond milk for oat milk because well, you cannot separate me from oat milk.

Don't be mad, Kourt.

Here comes the fun (messy) part. Rolling the dough with powdered sugar. I suggest making some room on your kitchen counters and getting ready to have powdered sugar sprinkled just about everywhere. Since the cookies come out more "crumbly" I also recommend making them smaller than what I did pictured so that they are easier to eat.

[bf_image id="sfv9gwhm8s9624p35g8wnhnr"]

Overall, wow. 100/10. The cookies came out perfectly soft and moist on the inside. I only had to leave them in the oven at 375 degrees for eight minutes for them to be a golden brown. My friends and family couldn't stop eating them throughout the day.

[bf_image id="nzwc8fhbrx9fkfw6q76v9mt"]

Kourtney Kardashian, as they say, girl, you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. Thank you for this matcha cookie recipe, as I will be baking these for the rest of my life.

Rebecca (also goes by Bec and Becca) is an English major at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and an Assistant Editorial Director and writer for HC at UCLA. In her free time, she loves a strong oat milk latte at a local LA coffee shop, catching the sunset at the beach and hunting for the perfect breakfast burrito.
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