UCLA's Body Image Task Force Hosts Puppy Yoga

Alyssa Tabula is a third year Psychobiology major and the Co-Director of the Body Image Task Force. The Body Image Task Force helps UCLA students create healthy and positive body images. Through programs that address topics such as eating disorders and media influences, BITF aims to have every student accept and celebrate their bodies! They recently hosted a Puppy Yoga event on campus, in which around 40 students attended. We had the chance to talk with Alyssa to learn about Puppy Yoga and BITF. Read below to find out more! 

Her Campus: What was the inspiration behind puppy yoga?

Alyssa Tabula: Our organization holds Love Your Body Yoga every end of the quarter to promote self-care and remind students to take care of their bodies in the midst of 10th week and finals stress. We were actually inspired by Her Campus' goat yoga class last quarter so we decided to add animals to our class, as well!

HC: What was your favorite moment from puppy yoga?

AT: My favorite moment from puppy yoga was at the start, when the puppies were taken out of their crates and they were free to roam Wilson Plaza in our designated yoga area. I think it was not only fun for us students to get to interact with them, but the puppies were also happy to play with us and to run around in such a large space. Their owner informed me that they've never gotten this big an area to play in.

HC: Do you see Body Image Task Force hosting more trendy yoga classes?

AT: Since we host a class every quarter, I see us hosting more trendy yoga classes in the future! Anything to help students take a step back from the rigor of UCLA and take care of their bodies.

HC: Anything else you’d like to add?

AT: To all of the UCLA students finishing out the school year, remember that grades do not define your self-worth! Take the breaks you need and schedule in some activities to keep yourself going. Whether it's a yoga class or simply a stroll outside, find something you enjoy to take care of your body, and in the process, your mind.

Thank you Alyssa to taking the time to talk with us! We look forward to more trendy yoga classes and good luck on finals everyone!