For the Procrastinator: 7 Places to Visit During Spring Break

I get it, planning your spring break can require a lot of effort and time. Well, I wrote this article in hopes of helping you kickstart your plans for spring break! Since spring break is only a week, you’re going to want to make the best out of such a short time. Whether you want to be at the beach, or go to another city to ski, there’s a place for you and your friends on this list!

We've also prepared itinearies ready for you for these locations - just so you don't have to: Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco.

Editorial note: All prices listed are accurate at time of posting and are all estimates. I highly recommend using to get the best prices for your plane ticketstried and tested by yours truly!

1. Salt Lake City 

  • Flight: $200+

  • Drive: 9-12 hours, depending on time of travel

  • Salt Lake City is home to many outdoor activities and is definitely a place you should hit up if you love winter sports. Visit Sundance Mountain Resort, located in the gorgeous Mount Timpanogos to ski amongst a beautiful view, or even Utah Olympic Park if you want to sled, ski, zipline or rock climb at the park built for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. If you’re not one for the sports, feel free to soak in the sceneries at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Great Salt Lake Marina. You could also tour the Timpanogos Cave, tour the city on bicycle tours or even visit wineries, brewerie, and distilleries for an intimate time with your friends.

2. San Francisco

  • Flight: $100+

  • Drive: 5+ hours

  • I love San Francisco! I lived there for 2 years before coming to LA, and I still find myself wanting to go back. San Francisco has a general laidback vibe that still somehow manages to draw you in closer every time you visit. If you haven’t already, you have to check out the Golden Gate Bridge, and perhaps take a picnic or walk at the Golden Gate Park like a local. Be sure to also visit Dolores Park while admiring the infamous Painted Ladies. Catch a ride on the cable car through the city, and hit up Fisherman’s Wharf when you’re done to have a bite of some of the freshest catch in town. If you happen to be in town on a Sunday afternoon, it’s almost a must to pay a visit at Presidio’s Main Post where there are tons of food vendors, free games and live music.

3. San Diego

  • Flight: $220+

  • Drive: 2 hours

  • Uber: $70+ for a party of 3

  • San Diego is not just about its beautiful beaches (even though a large part of it is). Head to Gaslamp Quarter and Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market for vibrant shopping experiences, surf at La Jolla or even to whale watch—because how often can you truly say you have that chance to do so. Get cultured at the San Diego Museum of Art and The Belly Up Tavern, while being in a city that serves authentic Mexican food at Barrio Logan.

4. Las Vegas

  • Flight: $120+

  • Drive: 5 hours

  • Oh, Vegas. Vegas is always a good idea, and you almost always leave with an experience of a lifetime. If you’re not looking to participate in the nightlife, go for a thrilling ride at the Stratosphere Tower where you’d be hovered 900 feet from the ground, dine at a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, take a drive out of the Strip to visit the Grand Canyon or even drive a Jeep (a.k.a. Rock Crawler) through the Desert. You can also Zipline 7 stories through the air at the SlotZilla zipline. Lastly, you could go diving with sharks at the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. Talk about an experience of a lifetime, indeed.

5. Cabo

  • Flight: $350 - $500+

  • I’ll never forget my trip to Cabo for many  good reasons! People in Cabo sure know how to have fun, and everyone you meet wants you to have a good time—and a good time only. Go on an infamous “booze cruise,” where you can grab bottomless cocktails while watching the sunset before hitting up the row of clubs (El Squid Roe would be the infamous one) you can visit, mostly without an entrance fee. My favorite memory of Cabo would be their tacos—there’s not one specific place to recommend to you because 99% of the tacos you come across are unbelievably tasty and unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Go on a cruise to take you around Land’s End, and you’ll be sure to get those insta-worthy pictures! If you’re interested to travel outside of the main district, you could go to San Jose del Cabo for a more quiet experience of the city.

6. New York City

  • Flight: $375+

  • New York remains to be one of my favorite cities because of its diverse and vibrant day and night life. There’s always something to do in the Big Apple. My favorites include going to a Jazz Bar, taking a stroll in Central Park, going to the top of the Empire State Building, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at historical and iconic pieces, taking a trip to Brooklyn, having pizza and going shopping in Times Square.

7. Miami​

  • Flight: $450+

  • This city is a media-favorite, so why not take the chance to visit it in person? Get a tan at everyone’s favorite Miami Beach, take a stroll through Ocean Drive to shop and look at the skyline. Catch the sunset at South Beach. Dip in the Venetian Pool, go on a speedboating tour or even a food tour like the one of Little Havana. See interesting sights at the Wynwood Walls and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. I’d really recommend checking out festivals and events for your time of travel as many often like to host them during spring break in Miami.