New Year, No Sugar: Why You Should Cut Sugar From Your Daily Diet

For the vast majority of us living in America, it is basically commonplace to have a diet that consists of an assortment of ingredients that we either can’t pronounce, don’t have the first clue as to what they do or even what they are. Safe to say, the food industry can be a tricky thing to navigate. This being said, figuring out how to play the system that, oftentimes, plays us can lead to major health benefits for our bodies and minds in the long-term.

Over the years, I have experimented with my fair share of dieting fads. Some stick and some don’t. But, one strategy that I’ve been practicing for the past few weeks of the new year has, by far, produced the greatest and most beneficial effects. Eliminating or significantly reducing the amount of sugar and carbs that go into your daily diet has various health effects for your physical health, mental state and overall quality of life. Here are 5 benefits that I found after two weeks of making this change in my diet:

  1. 1. A Major Increase In Energy

    Taking all of the refined carbs and sugar out of your diet really gives your body a break and makes you feel lighter and more energetic. Not only do you wake up with more energy, but this energy also sustains you throughout the day without the effects of a sugar crash or the sluggish feeling after a carb-loaded meal. It leaves you with loads of energy to be able to get things done and feel good in the process!  

  2. 2. Improved Quality Of Sleep

    Going to bed with a clean and functioning digestive system gives you a significantly better quality of sleep, and leaves you feeling refreshed and content instead of frustrated or grumpy from a bad night’s rest. It not only makes it easier to go to sleep feeling good, but it allows you to wake up on the right side of the bed and not have the gross or groggy feeling you may feel after waking up from a previous night’s sugar high.

  3. 3. Decrease in Bloating and Increase In Muscle

    This may seem like the obvious one, but cutting sugar and carbs from your daily intake really does make a difference in your body’s digestive system and overall functioning. Your body isn’t overrun with unneeded processed sugars and, therefore, is left with a ‘cleaner workspace’ to aid in muscle building instead of fat storage.  

  4. 4. Unhealthy Cravings Decrease By A Landslide

    Granted, the first few days you may feel a little deprived and discouraged. But, it really does only last those first few days. After you get over that first rough patch, your body now craves healthy, whole foods and not the processed ones that it used to gravitate towards on a particularly bad or stressful day. Veggies and proteins are the new go-to in your fridge, and your body thanks you for it!  

  5. 5. Bottom Line - A Huge Increase In Happiness!

    Truly. It is not an exaggeration. After just these few weeks of making these changes in my diet, it feels easier, better and even more hopeful to start my days! Waking up feeling light and energetic gives you the power to set the tone for your entire day, and eating clean gives your body and mind that power to start the day off with a positive spark of joy!  

Even though it may be a struggle in the beginning, reducing the amount of carbs and sugar that go into your body can have many amazing benefits!