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Ah, the new year… 2017. And with that comes New Year Resolutions— an attempt to radically change bad habits or more so, create positive habits. Often these new years resolutions consist of losing weight/eating healthier, self-improvement either mentally or spiritually, and to quit smoking. How often do the New Year Resolutions actually survive throughout the year? Turns out only about 9% of the people who consistently make New Year Resolutions carry them out to the end. Want to make that number go higher? Here are some helpful tips to make resolutions for the New Year and keep them.

  1. Make smaller resolutions to build upon throughout the year. A New Year resolution that is too great of an expectation for yourself can already start the year off with disappointment and unfulfillment. 
  2. That being said, don’t make resolutions something so easy that generates boredom, entailing you to fall away from your goals. Resolutions are meant to change something and it’s important to push the boundaries on yourself and your habits.
  3. Include resolutions that are beyond just individual improvement. Often making resolutions with your friends can keep you motivated to accomplish your goals.
  4. Take small steps at a time to achieve your resolutions. To want to change your life in every aspect is unrealistic. Small accomplishments do not mean small outcomes, they often lead to bigger goals and more achievements.
  5. Sometimes “having a habit” can be perceived as negative, but making habits out of healthy New Years resolutions can be helpful. A routine, although sometimes can be boring, can allow an enjoyable comfort to continue pursuing your resolutions.


And remember, accomplishing anything needs perseverance, so although resolutions may be difficult to carry out, it is important to keep going and they will pay off! 

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